September 2023: Living Life With Intention + My 29th Year

September is the time of year when my house turns into a pumpkin patch of sorts. Pumpkins on the bookshelf, pumpkins on the coffee table, pumpkin garland on the mantel… it’s kind of like if fall threw up in my house lol but I LOVE IT. 

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I know that fall doesn’t technically start until the end of September but I get in the season on September 1st! 

It’s also my birthday month so that’s fun. It’s my dog’s birthday month and my mom’s as well! So many birthdays to celebrate. 

So safe to say, this past month has been a good one for me. Hopefully, it was for you too. Without further ado, let’s chat about September!

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September brought the vibes

As mentioned, September is my birthday month. I usually do something bigger for my birthday but this year since there’s so much happening (August was my bachelorette and October is my wedding) I decided to just keep this casual. My fiancé still got all the friends together for beers though and I was gifted some new books so it was a great time. 

The overall vibes for September have been calm, cozy, and intentional. 

I get a little reflective around my birthday – another year on Earth. 

So many thoughts have crossed my mind but something that has stuck with me is that I need to create my own happiness. I need to find the things that make me feel calm, content, and joyful and then do those things intentionally, every day. 

I started therapy this month too. First time ever! If you’ve followed me here for a while then you know I deal with a decent amount of anxiety. After a hospital visit due to a panic attack, I decided I needed to do something. So far so good with the therapy. It’s also given me a lot to think about but I’m so thankful I am able to do this and can’t wait to see how much I grow!

My 29th year should be a good one!

Goal updates

Now to the part you all seem to enjoy – where I share what’s really going on with my goals. 

Blog page views: Things are going well on this front! I’m seeing slow and steady progress. Towards the second half of the month, I’ve been seeing 3.5k page views consistently! Feeling so good about that and can’t wait to see what happens next month. I never set a new goal after reaching 3k page views so I need a new goal. Should I set it for 10k??

Instagram: Honestly Instagram is dead for me… I may as well just be posting to the void. However, I am not giving up because believe it or not, I actually enjoy Instagram. I’m changing up my posts and making them a bit more fun, graphic, and hopefully, helpful! Stay tuned.

Email list: We are approaching 300 subscribers!! I know many of you are subscribed which I am so THANKFUL for! Hoping you all enjoy the bi-weekly newsletter. I enjoy the format and I think it’s fun but also open to suggestions. If you aren’t on the email list, why the heck not? 

Workouts: Crushing the workouts, not even going to lie. Since changing up my workouts to be more cardio-based (I like cardio more) I’ve been working out almost daily. 

Reading: 30/60 books for the year. I finally finished the ACOTAR series which I am sad about but happy about because that means I can move on to other books I’ve been dying to read. Hoping to read lots during the ‘ber months. 

My new Halloween mug and my cozy living room
Enjoying my FAV seasonal drink (PSL)
Legends and Lattes

Projects I am working on

I was working on the freebie I recently released (monthly reset workbook). That kept me busy for a little bit but now I need a new project! 

I’ve been playing with some ideas for an Etsy shop but I also have some more freebies I’d like to add to the blog. 

Im also working on updating the resources page because it needs a refresh. It’s been in the works for a while but I just haven’t prioritized it so I should really get that going. 

What do we think about the Etsy shop? I really enjoyed making the monthly reset workbook and have many more ideas for workbooks. Is that something people want to see? Please let me know!

My favourites from September:

Yay, we are finally chatting about my faves! There were so many good things in September… I’ll try to narrow them down. 

Favorite activity: My local pool did an adult-only night where they served drinks and you could use the wave pool, lazy river, water slides, etc. It was a blast!!

Favorite book: Torn between A Court of Silver Flames and Legends and Lattes. Both were so good but I feel like my overall enjoyment of ACOSF was ruined because I don’t like Nesta’s character and she was the main focus. Legends and Lattes was the perfect fall read though!!

Favorite podcast episode: A Real Life Approach to Slow Living from Clutter Bug. It really got me thinking about how I want to live slower and simpler.

Best Amazon purchase: I got the CUTEST Halloween art prints. It was a pack of 6 and all of them were different but same style. And they weren’t just on some paper… they are some sort of canvas or something. Love them so much. They were pretty cheap so I didn’t know what to expect but I HIGHLY recommend! 

Most watched YouTube channel: I have been binge-watching oliviareadsalatte. Her videos are so calming and relatable. I’m big into booktube so finding her has been amazing. 

Favorite Insta post: My first post of trying something new and sharing some new habit ideas!

Top 3 blog posts of September:

The biggest things coming in October

And now, for October. 

I am getting married in just a few days which is so exciting but also terrifying lol. My anxiety is coming out to play now that it’s countdown time. The thought of standing in front of so many people is a little scary I won’t lie. I know that the day will be so much fun and I cannot wait but also omg. 

Anyone else relate to that at all? 

I’m also looking forward to seeing the Taylor Swift concert in theatres!! I live in BC, Canada so Taylor has unfortunately decided not to come to Vancouver and I was also unable to get tickets to the SIX concerts in Toronto lol so the movie will have to do. 

And of course, Halloween! I don’t have any plans yet for Halloween but I just enjoy the whole time of year so it should be a good time. 

My plan for October is to just be as present as possible. Enjoy all the fun times and try to let go of stress that will come my way. 

Easier said than done? Probably. But, I am so freaking excited for the next month and I want to absorb all the love and happiness that I can. 

I hope you have a great October too and that you have something to look forward to. 

Share your September highlights in the comments! I love to hear about your wins and getting to cheer you on.

Until next time ♥

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