Solo Dates For Boosting Self-care: How To Date Yourself

Have you ever muttered the words, “Table for one, please?” If you have, you know the struggle between wanting to enjoy yourself even without another person but also feeling completely stressed and embarrassed about being alone. Going on solo dates is not for everyone but I do believe everyone should try at least once! Who knows… maybe you’ll love your own company so much you’ll do it again! 

How to date yourself 

So let’s just get the awkward wiki-how version of this out of the way… how do you date yourself? 

You go out on dates that you might do with another person but instead, you go alone. You take yourself on a date! 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how you can go about this without feeling like a total weirdo.

Start out small 

If you are new to solo dates try something small first like going to a coffee shop and sitting alone or going to the park and watching the birds. 

I started by going to Starbucks and enjoying a coffee, reading a book or working on something I enjoy on the computer, and staying for at least 30 minutes. 

It helped me get comfortable with being alone around other people. The best part about coffee shops or parks is that so many people go to those places alone so you won’t feel as awkward as you might at a restaurant. 

Try a place you’ve gone before 

Generally, if you’ve already gone somewhere you will feel more comfortable. You’ll know the lay of the land! 

Maybe try a café you’ve been to before with friends or go to a movie theater you are familiar with so you’ll know where everything is. 

Have something to keep you busy 

Depending on what you’re doing, you might want a bit of a distraction. Sitting on your phone is okay if you’re waiting for someone but if you’re trying to date yourself you’ll want to avoid it. How annoying is it when you’re on a date and the other person is just on their phone the whole time?! Don’t do that to yourself!

If you are at a coffee shop, bring a book. If you are going for a hike, listen to an audiobook (with only one earbud in, of course, safety first!!). If you are at a restaurant, bring a notepad to journal

Get ready and feel good 

When you go on a solo date you need to feel good. There is merit to the whole “look good, feel good” thing. The more put together and fabulous you look the more confident you’ll feel and let’s be real, you might need that confidence boost on your first solo date! 

So do your makeup, curl your hair, and put a cute outfit on (or whatever makes you feel most beautiful). 

woman on solo date to museum looking at photos on wall

Solo date ideas for self-care 

Now you are ready for your solo date but where should you go? You need a bit of a boost because life lately has been #hard and some self-care would be the perfect thing. 

Here are 10 solo dates to go on that would fill your self-care cup:

1 – spa 

The spa is the perfect solo date because everything is made for one! Get a massage or a facial. Get your nails done. Enjoy being pampered! 

2 – movie date 

Going to the movies alone is a great solo date if you’re a little nervous because you will be sitting in the dark! Grab some popcorn, your fav candies, grab a corner seat, and enjoy the show! 

3 – walk on the water 

Water has a way of calming you down. I love water and the connection I feel to nature when I’m near it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lake, the ocean, the river… It’s so relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Spend some time with yourself and walk along some water. Listen to the sounds and acknowledge how connected you feel to the earth while you do it. 

4 – bookstore 

My all-time favorite solo date!! You have to get a coffee first so you can walk around and browse all the amazing books with your yummy drink. 

Do you have to buy a book? Nope! However, if you’re like me you will not leave empty handed 😅

5 – cooking class 

As they say, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Show yourself some love by learning to cook something new.

Find a local cooking class and treat yourself to an awesome experience. You may even meet other people on solo dates and make some friends! Win-win 

6 – wander in a museum 

It’s always fun to look around a museum and ponder the artwork and interesting things! 

I love a good history museum because I’m a bit of a history nerd but any museum will do. 

It’s usually a quiet place and you’ll see lots of other people walking around alone, thinking quietly to themselves. Sometimes all you need for a little self-care is quiet time. 

7 – get professional photos taken 

Professional photos are so fun! It’s a great way to spend an afternoon AND you’ll have beautiful photos to remember your day. 

Usually, you spend the whole time smiling and laughing because the photographer gets you doing some silly things. Laughter is a surefire way to make you feel fulfilled and happy. 

8 – yoga class 

Your body needs movement so why not go to a yoga class alone? It’s another good solo date because no one really talks and everyone focuses on themselves. 

You can get some exercise while also relaxing and being one with your body and mind. 

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9 – visit a local garden 

Some places have botanical gardens and they are absolutely STUNNING!

Go walk around the gardens and look at the beautiful flowers. I’m sure you’ll also see some butterflies and other interesting things in the gardens. 

Smelling the flowers and surrounding yourself with natural beauty is perfect for a self-care date day! You might even be able to buy yourself some flowers at the end! 

10 – enjoy a cocktail at a fancy lounge 

Feeling a little fancy? Head to a cool lounge in a cute little outfit and enjoy a cocktail. 

Hotels would be a great spot because so many people are just stopping through for business or other reasons so you might feel more comfortable! 

Sometimes self-care means having a fancy girly drink or two in a cute dress. I 100% approve this message. 

how to date yourself and 10 solo date ideas
10 solo date ideas for self-care

In conclusion 

Look, going on solo dates can be a bit scary. What will people think of me? Is everyone looking at me? Do they think I’m a loser? 

Just remember that most people are hyper-focused on themselves. Have you ever seen a person alone at a coffee shop and thought, “Wow what a loser!” No. 

No one is thinking about you. No one is looking and judging you. You are just so worried about YOURSELF that you think everyone else is too… you’re not that important okay? In the nicest way of course!! 

So, get out there and treat yourself to a fun and relaxing solo date. I can’t wait to hear all about them in the comments. Tell me everything bestie! 

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