15 Adorable Summer Romance Books You Must Read

Summer and romance go hand in hand! A meet cute on the beach, the grumpy guy next store falls for the cute gardener or a steamy getaway to a tropical island. All of that sounds amazing to me, not sure about you!! During the summer I tend to pick up more romance than anything else. Something about having to keep up my regular routines during the beautiful sunny weather calls for romance reads in my downtime lol. 

There are, of course, a million different summer romance books. From books actually set in the summer season to books that just *feel* like summer – there can be a lot to choose from. Too many to choose from!

That is why I’ve created a list of summer romance books that you need to check out. I’ve read many of these and some of the others are high on my TBR! So, get your reading list ready because you are about to add a bunch of new summer romance books to it.

Summer romance books to read 

Funny Story by Emily Henry 

The newest Emily Henry books you can get your hands on!

When Daphne’s fiancé leaves her for his childhood best friend she is left in quite the situation. Without any friends or family around and not enough money to pay the bills she needs a roommate. She proposes an idea to an unlikely person – why not be roommates with Miles – the ex-fiancé of the woman her fiancé left her for. 

Mistakes We Never Made by Hannah Brown 

Emma and Finn’s relationship can be summed up in one word: almost. They almost dated, they almost hooked up, and they almost took it too far. They have a history. Now, they can’t stand each other. When a mutual friend invites them to a wedding they have to put their feelings aside. All is well until the bride goes missing and Emma and Finn have to save the day. Somewhere along the way old feelings are sparked again and Emma has to ask if risking your heart is ever a mistake.

Happy Place by Emily Henry 

Another Emily Henry pick. Honestly, all of her books are good! 

Harriet and Wyn broke up 6 months ago – the only problem? Their friends don’t know and they are going away for the annual friend trip to the cottage. They keep it together during the trip for their friend’s sake but they may be lying to themselves the most. 

Honeymoon for One by Portia MacIntosh

Lila is about to get married when she witnesses her soon-to-be husband cheating on her. With her wedding ruined she decides to go on her honeymoon alone. When she gets there she meets a really cute guy who seems to want to spend a lot of time with her. All is going well until her ex shows up with his new girlfriend on the honeymoon she booked. Lila sparks up a fake relationship with the cute hotel guy but it may not be all that fake after all. 

A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting 

Kitty is a cat whisperer with a booming cat-sitting business. Miles is a grumpy hockey nerd who needs a cat sitter. Kitty and Miles meet and it doesn’t go well initially – Kitty is clumsy and Miles doesn’t like cats. As awkward moments turn into attraction, Kitty and Miles may have finally found someone who completes them. 

Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher 

Marin is not one for taking risks. So when her sister proposes they go on a spa vacation to a tropical island she is resistant. She decides to go and right off the bat bad things start to happen – her sister misses the flight, her luggage is mixed up, and turbulence sends her flying into a strange man’s lap. Marin starts to get out of her comfort zone and finally begins having fun, exploring her past, and finding herself. 

Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams 

Annie has always been known as the perfect, do nothing wrong, angel. When she gets called boring on a date she decides she needs some dating help. Will is a “bad body” bodyguard who will never settle down. When Will agrees to teach Annie how to date the lessons slowly start turning into the real deal. Can the town look past Annie’s good girl persona? Can Will move past his feelings about love?

Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage 

Emmy has done it all – moved away from her small town, went to college, and got a job riding horses. When she has an accident and is unable to get back in the saddle she returns to her small town. Ryder is Emmy’s older brother’s best friend but he just can’t keep his eyes off Emmy. Emmy has too much going on for romance and Ryder knows he should stay away from her but maybe they would be perfect for each other.

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey 

When Piper gets herself into trouble again with her partying antics her stepfather decides to cut her off and ship her and her sister away to a small fishing town to learn some responsibility. Soon after Piper meets Brendan, a grumpy sea captain who has no time for girls like Piper. However, with such a small town is hard to avoid each other. Piper starts to wonder if her party girl life in LA is what she even wants anymore. 

How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan 

Grace has the opportunity to fix up and live in a cute little beach house. She can finally put her design degree to good use! The issue is that a grumpy real estate developer is moving in next door and wants to buy her house too. Grace and Noah are in an all out feud but sometimes your enemy turns out to be more than that. 

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

Christina Lauren has many many books but I think this one is extra perfect for a summer beach read. 

Olive has chronic bad luck. Her sister, on the other hand, does not. When her sister and the entire wedding party get sick, Olive is asked to go on the paid all-inclusive vacation. Amazing news for Olive! Except she has to go with her sworn enemy, Ethan. And they have to pretend to be a couple. 

Greece Actually by Sue Roberts 

Becky lives a safe life. When she finds out her ex is back she decides to pack her bags and head to Greece. Maybe going to the setting of Mama Mia is all she needs. She lives it up in Greece befriending locals, eating yummy food, and getting to know the sexy restaurant owner, Kyros. When Kyros asks her to stay longer she isn’t sure what to do. Just when she thinks she has it all figured out her troublesome ex comes back in the picture. Will Becky play it safe or live like a Dancing Queen?

Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay

Samantha was hoping her summer getaway would resurrect her cooking career. Instead, she has to chaperon her teenage half-brother while he spends the summer at the local library in a robotics competition. Samantha has dyslexia so the library is not her favourite place. However, she runs into Ben, the cute library director. Ben is on his own journey to find his father and isn’t interested in romance right now. Together, Samantha and Ben work together on their separate quests while their attraction blossoms. 

Italy Ever After by Leonie Mack

Lou is left feeling pretty bad after her divorce. When the opportunity arises to accompany her daughter on a music camp in Italy, she decides to have some fun. Nick is the music teacher and is from Italy. Lou and Nick become friends and he brings her around his hometown and family. As the summer passes and they become closer, will they be able to leave their new feelings and memories behind?

You, with a View by Jessica Joyce 

Noelle finds a photo of her recently passed grandmother with a mystery man and decides to post it on TikTok to find him. It goes viral and she is connected with the man’s grandson, her high school nemesis, Theo. When Noelle meets Theo’s grandfather (Paul) she finds out her grandmother and him were going to elope but didn’t. She decides to take the honeymoon road trip they have planned, however, Paul asks to come with her and bring Theo too. As the miles tick by the tension grows. But Theo is keeping a secret. Will their relationship end before it begins?

Wrapping it up 

These summer romance books are all wins in my book. There is something for everyone on this list. Enemies to lovers, meet cutes, second chances, unlikely relationships, fake dating… it’s all there! 

My personal favourite romance trope is fake dating. They are always fun books to read. 

I hope you find a new book to add to your summer romance reading list. Let me know what one you plan on picking up!

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