The Best Amazon Finds For Health And Fitness

Everyone is on some type of health journey whether you’re actively working on it or you are just thinking about it. How often have you talked about finally joining a gym or changing your diet? I can tell you I’ve said similar phrases like those probably a million times! Health and fitness are an essential part of our lifestyles and society today. 

In the past, I have set up so many barriers to having a successful health and fitness routine. I “needed” the right clothes, the perfect equipment, a book to tell me how to eat, a workout program, etc. So, it’s safe to say I’ve spent my fair share of time scrolling the internet for all the things. 

Not surprisingly there are a lot of unnecessary, cheap, and bad products out there. However, there are a lot of great products out there too. I am all about affordable finds because money doesn’t grow on trees! So, if you are looking for some health and fitness items that will add excitement to your health journey here are my favourite amazon finds! 

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Using products as a way to enhance our health journey 

Starting something new (like a health and fitness journey) can be a little scary. How much is going to have to change? Is your lifestyle going to be totally different? Will I still be able to do the things I love to do? Hello leaving your comfort zone!

To make things a little less scary and hard and a little more fun and exciting, you may want to get new workout clothes or a new yoga mat. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing to treat yourself to new health and fitness products when you are starting out on your journey. 

First off, everyone likes new things! Second, buying yourself a new yoga mat could be the motivation you need to get started! And third, it can be a great way to reward yourself on an ongoing basis! 

Rewarding your hard work

For me, it started as a way to motivate myself. If I got myself a new outfit I was more motivated to wear it and get to work. However, now that I’ve been on my own journey with fitness for a while I find it’s more helpful to set milestones (like finish a month of workouts and get something off my wish list)! 

My best tip for you when it comes to using “gifts” as a way to reward yourself is to be realistic with your goals and make achieving them doable! 

There is nothing worse than saying you need to do a workout every day for the whole month before you’ll buy the nutrition book you want. You’ll end up missing one workout and then a) not getting your reward and b) feeling like shit about it. 

I am a little lenient with myself. If I tried hard to reach my goal but missed a workout because I didn’t feel good or went over my allotted screen time because I was in the zone working on my blog… that’s okay, I’m still rewarding myself because I am human and I tried my best!

My favourite health and fitness finds on Amazon

Fitness Finds

Exercise Dice – these are so fun for days where you don’t feel like following a specific workout but also don’t know what to do! I used to use these when I coached gymnastics and cheerleading and everyone always had a blast with them! 

Amazon Basic Free Weights – I use my free weights pretty much every day! I have a range of weights from 2lbs to 10lbs! They are small and easy to store away. Perfect for people who like to work out at home (like me)!

Weighted Bar – Another great item to have for your home workouts! It’s a little different than the free weights because it’s a bar, however, super useful for different exercises. 

Yoga mat – I purchased this yoga mat as a gift to myself for completing a 4-week exercise program! Great yoga mat. I am not nice to my yoga mats lol I do full-blown HIIT workouts on it with shoes and it’s holding up great!

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Workout Clothes

Yoga top – THIS IS A LULULEMON ALIGN TANK DUPE!! I swear to you that this is basically the same tank just way cheaper. I have the white one and I love it. It’s great for a work out but also just out and about. Not too cropped. There are tons of colors and I’ll be buying all of them lol

Biker Shorts – I never used to be into the whole biker shorts thing but that’s because I never knew you could get shorter ones! These are again, a great Lululemon dupe!! Seriously great shorts.

Sports bra/ top – This is a really cute shorts bra. It’s on the longer side kind of like a crop top! Comes in a few colors and the back is really unique!

Healthy Living 

Fitbit Charge 5 – I have this watch and it’s great! Looks cute and feels good to wear. I personally like that it’s not a smartwatch as I don’t need notifications coming to my watch all day. Works perfectly for tracking my workouts! Also, I have the pink one 🙂

OLLY Sleep Gummies – I have really come to love OLLY gummies. My first experience with this brand was the Stress Relief gummies which were great (so try those too). If you need some help with sleep these are great. Getting a good nights sleep is important for your overall health. 

PureShrooms Mushroom Coffee – I will admit that I haven’t tried this one before (not a huge coffee drinker anymore). However, I do enjoy taking mushroom supplements (ex. lions mane). This is a unique one for those of you who like coffee and want to try something new! Reviews are amazing! 

Anxiety Free with Food – A great book to read to learn about how food interacts with our mental health! 

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There are so many fantastic health and fitness products out there. All of these are my personal faves that I have actually purchased (other than the coffee). As I mentioned before, you don’t NEED anything to live a healthy life but it is fun to reward yourself with some fantastic products.

So, next time you need a little incentive to get your workouts in or you want to add a new supplement to your diet give these a try!

must have health and fitness finds on amazon
the best health and fitness finds on amazon

Do you have any Amazon products that you swear by?? I would love to know!

Until next time,

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