The Best Podcasts For Content Creators And Solopreneurs

podcasts for content creators

Being your own boss is not easy! Whether you are a content creator or some form of solopreneur you spend a lot of time working on your craft with no one but yourself telling you what to do! This can be amazing and freeing but it can also be stressful. You know what can lift some of that stress? Listening to podcasts for content creators and solopreneurs! 

There is so much to know and you need to learn new things constantly. When you don’t have someone telling you all the things you need to know or learn it can be difficult to keep up. That’s why podcasts are so helpful! 

I love to listen to podcasts on blogging, productivity, and my most recent interest and business venture, freelancing! 

There are sooo many fantastic podcasts out there but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to find them sometimes. So, let’s chat about allll the podcasts I love so you don’t have to spend hours searching! 

The best podcasts for content creators 

So who even are content creators? Simply put, a content creator is anyone who creates content. It could be youtube videos, blogs, social media posts, video game streams… the list goes on!

Here are some of the best podcasts for content creators:

The Thrive Blogger Podcast 

I love this podcast! Bree has so much knowledge and she shares it in such a digestible way. As the name suggests, this is a podcast for bloggers! I like that there is so much blogger specific content instead of just general information about growing a business. 

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The Influencer Podcast 

This is a great podcast if you are an influencer or are interested in influencer marketing. Julie shares information in many different areas of influencer marketing like social media, branding, growing a business, etc. 

The Content 10x Podcast

A problem for many content creators is how to repurpose your content to save time but to still bring value to your audience. Amy shares sooo much good info on repurposing your content across different mediums. She talks about many different types of content creation so there is something for every type of content creator!

ProBlogger Podcast 

This is one of those podcasts where you get to hear lots of successful people’s stories about becoming a successful blogger! I love these types of podcasts because everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. Darren has a wide variety of people on his blog which keeps things interesting! 

YouTube Creators Hub

As you can imagine, this podcast is for Youtubers! If you create YouTube content this podcast is a great spot to get tips, tricks, and YouTube strategies! There are stories from other YouTubers as well as tangible tips like how to do certain things on the platform and in your videos! 

Content Inc with Joe Pulizzi 

Are you looking for shorter podcasts that pack a punch? Content Inc will be for you then! Joe talks about content creation and building a business. The best part is that majority of his podcast episodes are 10 minutes or less!

Joe also wrote a book called Content Inc and I really want to read it!

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The best podcasts for solopreneurs 

So who are solopreneurs? These are people who run the whole show. They have some type of business and they do it all. Solopreneurs work for themselves and take on all the daily business tasks! A solopreneur could run an in person business like dog walking, massage therapy, counselling, etc. They could also be online business owners, freelancers, Esty shop owners, or even, content creators.

Here are some of the best podcasts for solopreneurs:

Smart Passive Income 

This podcast is by Pat Flynn need I say more? If you don’t know Pat Flynn then you need to check him out. His podcast is so helpful and easy to listen to. Pat’s message is that you can create passive income with your online business and blog. His podcast is a must-listen for solopreneurs, online business owners, content creators… everyone!

The Goal Digger Podcast 

Jenna is the best! She shares information on a variety of topics: productivity, business, social media, inspirational stories, and more. She is a smart woman with a lot of knowledge to give. I have learned a lot from her podcast.

The Strategy Hour 

This podcast is great if you are a service provider of some kind! They share lots of good info on business, systems, growth, and more. I think this is a good one even if you aren’t a service-based business because it gives you more knowledge on how to run and operate a business and I personally find it interesting!

The Freelance Friday Podcast 

As I mentioned above, my recent adventure is freelance writing! This podcast is a mixture of topics since the term freelance is quite wide. She talks about freelancing in general and how to run a business, writing, creating content, using social media… there is a little bit of everything which makes it quite holistic. 

The Solopreneur Hustle 

Hustle culture isn’t “cool” anymore and Nia’s goal is to help women build thriving businesses without it! Nia has some great guests on the podcast that talk all things growing a business and she also shares her own insights and lessons. 

Organized Holistically 

Any business owner knows that being organized and having systems in place is a must! This podcast helps you with creating systems and staying organized. Time management, decluttering, money, planning… She talks about a lot of topics that are crucial for running a business! 

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There are so many podcasts out there and here are just 12! I love these podcasts because they are truly helpful and interesting. So many podcasts out there just share the same information over and over. I like when a podcast gets me thinking or even better, gets me motivated! 

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? Are there any others I should add to my list? Tell me in the comments!

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