The Best Products To Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: November 6, 2023

New Year’s resolutions… we all have them! How many of us actually stick with them though? Research shows that 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by February! That means only 20% of people stick it out past February. What makes those people different?

There is an old saying that says “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and I think that’s a big reason so many people fail to get past February with their goals. We talk about goals a lot on this blog so it’s no secret that I’d want to help you stay on track longer and be part of the 20%!

Having a plan for your New Year’s resolutions is a must if you want to succeed. Like any other goals you set, you need to have a way to measure your progress and have a specific goal you want to reach (aka not just saying you want to be fit… what does that even mean?!). 

Another way to plan and focus on success is to have the right tools. For example, if you are wanting to lose weight then you might need some workout clothes or if you plan on starting a business, you might need a planner. It’s important to have the tools you need to set yourself up for success so you can be part of the special 20%! 

So here’s a round up of some things you may need to kick your New Year’s resolutions into high gear!

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What you should set as your New Year’s resolution 

There are so many things you could choose to go after this coming year! However, it’s good to focus on a few things instead of listing out every single thing you want to change in your life. You can see how that would be overwhelming.

Start with a list of goals that you want to achieve. Then narrow it down to around 5. From there make those goals as specific and measurable as possible!

If you are struggling to come up with any New Years resolutions, here are some popular ones:

  • Improve your health or fitness 
  • Start a business 
  • Grow in your career
  • Learn a new skill
  • Travel 
  • Improve your relationships 
  • Ditch a bad habit 

Ultimately, you are in control of your own life and what you choose to pursue. Don’t let others’ goals or advice sway you from what you want most this year! 

So, let’s chat about some awesome products that will help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

The best products to help you achieve your New Years resolutions 

All prices are in CAD. 

For the career/ business go-getters 

Clever Fox Planner – someone with big work-related goals needs a planner that will do it all. I personally love these planners and have my own so I love to share this brand. It has a great weekly layout with space for your to-do list, habit tracking, and appointments. It is also quite affordable ($36.99). 

To-Do List Planner – if you are looking for something that will help you with your never-ending to-do list, this is a great little planner/notebook to have! Daily to-do list pages with space for notes, meal tracking, and appointments! Another affordable option ($14.99). 

Standing desk – if you work from home or own your own business think about upgrading to a standing desk! Not only is new office furniture motivating to get to work but it is also great for your health! Grab this one (in a few different color options) for $449.99.

Blue light glasses – a must have so you can keep looking at your computer without hurting your eyes! The more focused time means the more likely you’ll crush your business goals. Grab these cute blue light glasses for only $28!

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For the health and fitness girls 

Walking pad – Part of getting your health and fitness under control could be reaching your daily step count. That can be hard if you’re at a desk all day. A simple solution? Get a walking pad that could go under your desk or something you could pull out and use for a quick 10-minute break! You can get this one for just $429.99. 

Fitbit – I love my Fitbit! It helps a lot with my overall fitness. I love being able to track my steps, exercise, heart rate, and get reminders to move each hour! If your goal is to get more active this year try this. Fitbits go on sale every now and then so keep your eyes out but right now it’s $191.95. 

Meal prep containers – If your goal is to eat better and you want to try meal prepping, try these glass containers. They look great and the set is affordable (12 for $59.95).

Running vest – where are you supposed to put all your stuff when you go for a run?! I know that question often stopped me from going for a run (or even a long walk). A running vest is the perfect solution and it’s affordable for even a beginner ($32.00).

For the new skill learners 

Masterclass subscription – Masterclass has everything you need to learn something new. If you’ve ever been interested in history, cooking, or even becoming an influencer, you can find a class on it! You can sign up for $13 a month! 

Audible membership – Audiobooks are a great way to learn! I have listened to audiobooks on blogging, habits, business, psychology, and more! There are so many options! It’s $14.95 a month. 

Babbel – if you want to learn a new language, Babbel is the way to go! Sign up for $9.99 a month if you sign up for the year.

Codecademy – an online platform to learn more about coding and other tech related things! There are some free classes you can take on the basics and then you can subscribe for $14.00 a month to get access to all the courses!

For the blogging gals 

Hosting for your blog – if you are looking to start a blog this year, get yourself hosting! I use Siteground and have had a great experience with it! 

The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers – grab this book and give it a read if you are looking to learn more as a blogger! You can get it for $17.00 or $9.99 on Kindle!

Start an email list – part of your blogging strategy this year should be starting an email list. If you are serious about your blog it’s important to have a space that is 100% yours (because social media is not). I use MailerLite and love it!! It’s free until 1000 subscribers! 

Blog content calendar – getting started can be the hardest part but with a plan in place it’s much easier! Check out this one by Anjali from The Splendid Shambles.

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For the building better habits team 

Water bottle – is drinking more water one of your healthy habit goals this year? Grab a water bottle with those handy little time markers on it to stay on track! It’s only $21.00.

Ninja blender – start making yummy and nutritious smoothies in the morning instead of going through the drive-through every day! I love my Ninja blender! Worth every penny in my opinion – it’s $108 for the blender and two cups.

Sunrise alarm clock – waking up early can be hard but if that is one of your New Year’s resolutions, I have something to help! A sunrise alarm clock creates the illusion of a sunrise in your bedroom making it that much easier to wake up early! This one is only $79.00!

Budget planner – make this year the year you get on top of your finances! Tracking your spending is a good habit to get into and this planner makes it pretty easy. Grab a copy for $28.00

For the self-care prioritizers 

Gratitude journal – if part of your New Year resolution is to be more present and positive, grab a gratitude journal. This is a great way to practice self-care by dedicating a few minutes every day to be grateful! (This one is only $9.15)

Weighted blanket – sleep is important so if your goal this year is to sleep better, a weighted blanket might help! This one is pretty affordable ($79.00) and is sherpa! 

Kobo – sometimes the best self-care is sitting quietly with a good book. I have had a Kobo for a couple of years now and I LOVE mine so much! These awesome little devices make reading so easy and enjoyable. Read in bed at night, take it with you on the go, and pack tons of books on vacation… it really can’t get any better.

Wireless headphones – for when you need to block out the noise when you are focusing on a hobby, going for a walk, or you just want to listen to your favourite podcast while cleaning the house. These come in different colors are are pretty reasonable ($79.00).

So, what’s your plan?

Now that you’ve put a little thought into your News Year’s resolutions, what is the plan?

Remember, you need to be specific and find a way to measure your goal progress. Grab a notebook and get to work on planning your resolutions and then grab all the required tools (like some of these products) to achieve them! 

I know I will be getting a new Clever Fox planner and hopefully a walking pad! 

18 products to help you with your new year's resolutions
products that will help you achieve your new year's resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolutions this year? 

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