The Best Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

Spring is coming up and with that comes…. Spring cleaning! Does anyone really like cleaning? I know some people claim they do but I’m sure most of us tend to put it off. If you are anything like me you need to seriously go through your things and clear some things out like asap. In the past I have been pretty good with spring cleaning around the house but one place I could do better is my closet. One way to decide if you need to spring clean your closet is if your clothing is overflowing the hangers. That is me!

Growing up I never had a closet. My room was tiny and I only had dressers. At the time I thought if I had a closet I’d be much more organized because you can’t hide things as easily… wrong! The dressers at least contained the mess. The closet displays the mess. I would include a picture of my closet but honestly I’m embarrassed that it’s gotten so bad – my mom would literally scream if she saw it haha 

The good news? It’s easy enough to clean out your closet and it doesn’t need to be a big to-do. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to go through your clothing and other items you keep in your closet and get a fresh start!

The best time to spring clean your closet

Spring, duh! But really though, anytime is a good time to clean your closet. If I’m being completely honest with you, I think it’s better to NOT do it only once a year. Before I let my closet become an absolute disaster I was going through my clothing each season and donating clothing I didn’t want anymore. It was an easy way to make space and it helps others!

So, try to do a “spring clean out” a couple times a year if you can. It will make your life so much easier and if you like shopping like I do, it allows for more shopping. More closet space = more shopping! Just kidding!! Keep your space clutter free.

3 easy ways to clean out your closet 

Do the ultimate purge

This is the easiest and hardest way to clean out your closet. This technique requires you to go through each item and place it in a “keep” pile or a “go” pile. The goal here is to make a quick decision and actually have some items in the “go” pile in the end. 

This can be difficult to do but it really just comes down to be real and honest with yourself. Keeping something because you might wear it sometimes even though you’ve had it for 3 years and the tags are still on it is not a good enough reason. Harsh by true!

Look for clothes that are in the back

Chances are you have clothes that haven’t been touched since the last time you cleaned out your closet. Those are super easy items to part with. A trick a lot of people use is hanging the hangers backwards. If the next time you clean out your closet there are still backwards hangers you can get rid of those clothes. 

If you have dressers or drawers inside your closet you can do the same thing by looking for the clothes at the bottom of the drawer. If you have pants at the very bottom that are squished and wrinkled then chances are you can part with them.

Make sure the floor is clear

I personally find that it’s easy for the floor of my closet to get messy. Things will fall off the hangers or I’ll be lazy and toss something on the floor and next thing you know it’s hidden. So while you are going through everything make sure the floor is clear! Anything that has been on the floor collecting dust needs to be evaluated. Did this fall off the hanger but you still love it and have been looking for it? Or did it fall off the hanger and you didn’t even notice it was gone?

Bonus tip: Make use of storage (or create storage)

Not every single piece of clothing needs to be in your closet at the same time. I like to put away my winter clothes at the end of winter. I keep rolling clear bins under my bed and fold up all my sweaters and other winter clothes and store them until the following winter. Then I do the same with my summer clothes. If you have limited storage (like I do) then making use of spaces under the bed is super helpful.
You can find bins here. Make sure they will actually fit under the bed though because I made that mistake the first time! Another good storage solution would be air sealing your clothes. Same idea but instead of bins you would use these bags!

Spring cleaning your closet checklist

Items to go through and purge:

  • Shirts
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Pajamas
  • Workout clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Undergarments – get rid of anything worn out
  • Any other clothing you have 

Tidy your space:

  • Clear everything off the floor
  • Make sure there is nothing cluttered on shelves
  • Clear out drawers/ storage units 
  • Check higher spaces for items that can be let go of

Determine what can go to storage:

  • Put seasonal clothing together
  • Store away seasonal clothes if possible


  • Make sure you have enough hangers
  • Grab some bins for seasonal items
  • Drawer dividers for smaller items 
  • Label it – create or buy some labels for bins for easy finding

Donate what you can 

Take your items to a donation center or shelter that could use them (if they are clean and still wearable)!

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