The Best Wellness Products For A Day At Home

I really don’t think there is a better way to spend the day than at home relaxing and doing all the things that make you feel happy, cared for, and refreshed. If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you would know I am a homebody for life. My home is my happy place and as much as I enjoy a night out here and there, I truly love being at home. So much so that I’ve collected quite a few wellness products that I now consider my must haves. 

I really don’t use a ton of products when it comes to beauty. I’m very minimal with skin care and make-up. I use one product in my hair. It’s very simple over here haha but when it comes to self care products, wellness products, or just items that make my time at home more enjoyable… Well, I have a few of those! For all my fellow homebody’s or just people who enjoy a day at home now and then, this is for you! Time to make your day at home perfect in every way 🙂

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What is wellness?

Wellness is a very broad term and if you ask a few people what wellness actually means they will probably give you different definitions. According to the dictionary, wellness means being in a state of good health. If you ask the Global Wellness Institute what wellness means they say the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

There is also so much talk in the wellness world about different types of wellness (physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, etc.). So, the actual definition is a bit broad but I think it’s safe to say the general consensus is working towards a state of health and that could be any kind of health such as your physical health, mental health, relationships, and so on. 

In this post, I am focusing on wellness in the broader spectrum of health relating to all aspects of life! Very holistic of me, I know. What can I say? I like a good holistic approach. Blame the psychology degree and social service background in me haha. Are we really healthy if we don’t focus on all aspects of our lives? Anyways, that’s a topic for another day!

Let’s get into the must have wellness products!

Wellness products for a day at home

Amazon Basics Yoga Mat

You definitely need a yoga mat for your at home movement. Whether that is actually doing yoga or your fav HIIT workout, a yoga mat is much needed!

Omega-3 Supplements 

I take Omega-3 supplements to get the required nutrients my body needs since I don’t eat any fish! Such an easy thing to add to your daily routine.

Fitbit Charge 5 

Why not start tracking your health all in one easy place? I recently got the Charge 5 and I’m impressed with how much it does (plus it’s not crazy expensive!!)

CBD gummies or oil

I will preface this by saying that CBD might not be for everyone and may not be legal in some places (but it is here in Canada now). I take CBD every single day and I love it. It helps me manage my stress and anxiety levels! I personally like the gummies but there are other options like oils, pills, and even drinks!

Water bottle

There is no better way to get your daily water intake than with a water bottle that reminds you to drink up! 

Massage gun

For when your muscles are sore from a good workout! Why leave the house for a massage when you can do it yourself??

Happy lamp

This is something I really really want for myself. SO many people talk about using these for Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka seasonal depression). In Canada, the winters are long and dark (and lets be honest, so are lots of other days during the year lol) so having this lamp would be great for mental health!

Adult coloring book

Spending a day at home coloring is honestly so much fun. Who knew as an adult coloring would make such a comeback?? Grab yourself a coloring book and get to work. It is great for your mental health and reducing stress!

Roll on oils

Essential oils are so popular nowadays! I find that the oils are super easy to use and you don’t have to get one of those diffusers!

The Five Minute Journal 
Sometimes it’s nice to start your day with a little journaling and using The Five Minute Journal is great because it’s super quick and easy. Journaling has been proven to help with your overall wellness. If you aren’t quite ready for this journal but want to try journaling, here are 15 prompts to help you get started!

Worry stone

My grandma had one of these when I was a little kid and I would always use it not knowing what it was lol but if you are a worrier and tend to bite your nails when hanging around at home or doing mindless things, grab one of these!

Weighted blanket 

Need something to add to your relaxation time that helps you calm down? Or maybe need help sleeping better? Weighted blankets are fantastic!

Calming shower steamers 

I love these!! We have all heard of bath bombs but these are kind of the same thing but for your shower!

Bamboo bathtub tray

I actually purchased this recently and I love it. It makes bath time so much better because you can bring more things with you haha. It’s also great quality!

Atomic Habits 

Is reading part of your wellness routine? Atomic Habits is a great one to add because it really helps with your overall personal development and mindset!

Audible subscription

I love listening to audiobooks and Audible is super reasonably priced. If you aren’t sure if Audible would be for you, you can try a free trial! I constantly have an audiobook on the go and find listening at home when I’m cleaning or in the bath super fun and relaxing.

Mindfulness Card Deck

Grab a mindfulness card deck and add this to your day of wellness. How fun would it be to read the cards? There are over 50 prompts and exercises in this card deck.

Chakra smudging kit

If you have never tried smudging (or even heard of it) this may be a bit out of your comfort zone BUT it is amazing and some people find this very healing. This kit is from an Etsy shop so go check it out and all the other cool things offerd!

Why woo-woo works

If you want to dive into spiritual wellness this book is a good one. It talks about the science behind some of the “woo-woo” spirituality we see today such as meditation, crystals, and other alternative ways to heal.

Gratitude journal

Living your most healthy life really does start with being grateful. Use this gratitude journal to practice daily. Perfect for beginners or people who just need some guidance.

Budgeting planner

Spend some time checking on your financial wellness. Nothing is more stressful than not knowing what your finances look like and this planner will change that!

Tips for a great wellness day at home

Plan ahead for the day:

There is nothing worse than having a day off where you can 100% focus on YOU but then waste all your time because you don’t know what to do… so maybe map out a couple of things you really want to do.

Clean up your space:

Don’t spend your day at home in a messy space AND don’t spend your whole day cleaning up (unless that is something you enjoy doing). I find when my space is clean and tidy so is my mind which is totally on brand for a day of wellness!

Allow yourself to be relaxed without guilt:

It’s easy to feel bad when you have an “unproductive” day but remember that working on your overall health is actually very productive. Doing yoga, taking a bath, reading a book, looking at your finances, or simply taking your daily vitamins are all important parts of your holistic health SO don’t feel guilty about it

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