The Biggest Struggles Of Blogging As A Homebody (+ Tips For New Bloggers)

When I started my blog I quickly realized that I am not really like a lot of the other bloggers I saw online. I’m not meaning that in a “I’m so unique and different” type of way though. I realized that a lot of the bloggers/ influencers I was following were always out and about. They were always doing something interesting or visiting cool places. I immediately realized that is not *me*… I prefer being at home.

This is not to say that I don’t go out and do fun things from time to time. Of course I do! I am human after all. But I’m not going to new places every weekend. I don’t attend parties very often. I’m not scouting out places to take photos around my city. It’s just not what I enjoy. A lot of my happiness comes from being at home with my cat. Which to some people I’m sure that sounds so boring but if you are a homebody you know what I mean!

So the realization I made about my homebody ways really made me question if I’m cut out for this whole blogging thing. I definitely went through a phase of trying to be more *exciting* like those other bloggers but it wasn’t authentic. I decided that I need to do what feels right for me or else I’m doing a disservice to my amazing readers. At the end of the day, my goal is to be me, not someone else!

What does homebody really mean?

Simply put, a homebody is someone who likes to stay at home. Some definitions even use the word “unadventurous” to describe the person.

Some also say a homebody is introverted and prefers to be alone. 

Obviously everyone is different so no one definition will fit everyone but that’s the general idea!

Struggles I have faced blogging as a homebody

Can anyone say COMPARISON? That is what every single struggle has in common! It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, especially online! These were/are some of my biggest struggles:

Questioning my content

The number one struggle that I have had is questioning my content. I wondered if I was interesting enough or cool enough. It was hard looking at others eating at fancy restaurants, going to cool events, getting the perfect ig photo on a trip. It made me feel like I was boring since most of my free time is spent at home. 

It’s really funny though because as I unpacked those feelings I realized that I don’t even feel drawn to a lot of that content anyways. Just because you get the perfect picture doesn’t mean your content is actually valuable and engaging (or that you are happy).

If I’m being honest, a lot of the picture perfect or super aesthetic content I see on Instagram especially has little value. Sure the picture is pretty and maybe could be inspiring in some way but then the caption is “🕊” or “good vibes” or something along those lines lol and I’m there for more than just an emoji ya know?

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to content but for me, it’s just not that. To others that may be exactly what they’re looking for and that is obviously totally okay!

A woman sitting on her bed drinking a cup of coffee. Comfy clothes and living as a homebody

Feeling very unstylish

Since I spend a lot of time at home my fashion would be considered comfy cozy. I personally like my comfy style but I realize it’s nothing to write home about. I’m not up with the latest trends and to be honest some of that is body image related and some is simply because I don’t dress up at home.

When I first got started I worried that my style would somehow matter in regards to my popularity. I know now that my worries were kind of silly because there is someone for everyone! I’ve had compliments on my outfits and I’ve had people ask where I got sweaters from or my fuzzy slippers… So really, I don’t need to worry about being trendy and fashionable. I just need to be myself!

The comfy cozy style girls are my people ❤

Trying to be things I’m not 

Like I mentioned above, I went through a phase where I tried to be more like specific bloggers that I thought were successful and had this whole blogging thing down. It wasn’t fake per say but it was forced. I didn’t like it but I was also soooo afraid to show my “boring” life to the world. Like who even cares what I do day to day? I work a 9-5 job, I live in an average apartment, and don’t get up to much. Who would care about that?? 

Turns out, a lot of people care. When I realized that I didn’t need to be like everyone else and just started sharing my interests and my life, people started to respond. But it was not easy to do and it’s still not easy to do. I’m often questioning if my content is interesting enough or good enough. It’s an ongoing process! 

Moral of the story – post your grocery hauls, talk about your pets, and just be you!

Tips for new bloggers who call themselves homebodies 

I have already sprinkled some lessons I learned and some little tips throughout but here are some more because I love to share it all with my friends…

  • Try not to compare your life to others. There really is a person for everyone and it’s all about finding your people. 
  • Blogging isn’t just pretty pictures and aesthetics. Sharing your thoughts and lessons is so valuable and means so much more than a picture of you at an event. (We still love those pictures but they aren’t everything)
  • Write about/ do the things you care about. Do you read a lot of books? Talk about it. Do you like to cook awesome meals? Share them. The people want to know what you are all about even if you don’t think it’s interesting! 
  • You are the only you in this world which, believe it or not, makes you unique! So always remember that even if things have been done before, they’ve never been done by you!

Final thoughts 

At the end of the day, being a homebody and being a blogger kind of go hand in hand. Writing is a very individual and independent task so spending free time in the comfort of your own home gives you more time to blog!

However, so much more than writing a blog post goes into blogging. A lot of it is social media! The social media aspect of blogging can be a lot harder for a homebody.

Many of my struggles come from comparison to others. Worrying about my content, questioning if I’m too boring, and always comparing my life to others. But like I said above, all that matters is that I am me. 

Being authentic and embracing how you live your life will be so much more valuable and relatable to others than forcing a particular lifestyle. Remember, people really do want to know what you eat, drink, read, watch, and literally everything else. You don’t need to be traveling the world to be interesting. You don’t need to be trendy for people to like your style. 

There is someone for everyone and I fully believe that every single one of us has something so special to offer the blogging world. Keep writing and influencing and being the amazing person you are and everything else will fall into place ❤

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