The Most Important Things To Include On Your Vision Board

The end of the year is here which means it’s time to make a new vision board! I love to sit down at the end of each year and review my current vision board and create a new one. It’s such a fun way to be creative and envision your new goals. 

I used to be a physical vision board person but in the last couple of years, I really like making a digital vision board! It feels more personal and can be very specific which I like. However, there is no wrong way to make one! 

If you are new to making vision boards or you are looking for some guidance, you’re in the right place. Let’s chat about how to make a vision board and the most important things to include on the vision board!

What is a vision board? 

A vision board is a board either physical or digital that shows your biggest goals and dreams. It usually contains photos and words that explain exactly what you are working towards. 

The goal of your vision board is to serve as constant inspiration and motivation to work towards your goals. By having photos that depict what you want, it helps you actually envision achieving your goals. 

Some people like to cut photos out of magazines and glue them on a poster board while others (like myself) like to find images online to use on a digital poster board.

Benefits of having a vision board

As mentioned above, vision boards serve as a reminder of your goals to keep you inspired and motivated! 

Just that alone can be a benefit for some people. If you are very visual it might be helpful to SEE your goals.

Vision boards follow the same principles as law of attraction. The more you see something, the more likely it will happen. It’s a type of manifestation if you will. 

Other than the obvious benefit of helping you stay on top of your goals, vision boards are useful in other ways. 

Fosters your creativity 

Creating a vision board is a creative project. You have to put it all together in some way that makes sense to you. Finding photos that go along with your vision is a lot of work. Putting it all together takes a lot of creativity! 

Helps you gain clarity 

Usually, the act of creating your vision board causes you to question your goals and the direction you want to go. 

Hashing out your goals will create a clearer picture which helps you figure out your next steps. 

For example, if you have a travel goal and you start thinking about the things you really want to see and the places you really care about, you might realize that your financial goal needs to change or that you really want to backpack.

Things change as you start to explore all the possibilities! 

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Boosts your self-confidence 

You know how you usually feel more confident when you imagine something going well before you do it? Like if you have to say a speech and you mentally imagine it going well and doing great for a week before, you generally feel more confident. 

It’s the same idea as the vision board. Maybe you don’t feel super confident about some of your goals now but every time you see your vision board and you imagine yourself achieving that goal, you become more and more confident!

What you need to include on your vision board 

Okay, so you’re ready to make your vision board… but what should you actually put on it? 

The first step to deciding what goes on your vision board is to determine your goals for the year. Map them out now and get as detailed as possible. 

If your goal is to buy a house this year, think of some main things you want your house to have. A pool? A big yard? A cozy apartment in the city? The more specific the better. 

Not everything will have a visual representation though. For example, I always include my numerical goals on my vision board so instead of a super descriptive photo I just use words. 

The most important elements of your vision board 


Since a vision board is visual, having photos is a must. The reason I prefer a digital vision board is because I can get really creative with the photos I use. If I want to visualize a specific goal I can find the perfect photo for what I’m seeing in my head. 

For example, if my goal is to eat healthier meals, I can actually include pictures of meals that I want to try instead of some generic picture of a salad. See what I mean?

Photo ideas for your vision board:

Health and fitness:

  • Food pictures 
  • Body aesthetic pictures 
  • Certain workouts 
  • Scale with a certain weight on it 
  • Person running outside 
  • Workout clothing you want 
  • Running shoes you want 

Home and lifestyle:

  • Dream house pictures 
  • Closet organization 
  • DIY projects 
  • City where you want to live 
  • Car you want to drive 


  • Dream job role 
  • Dream job company 
  • Home office inspo
  • Small business inventory pictures
  • Cheque with an amount of money on it 
  • Side hustle-specific pictures 
  • Work clothing you want 

Family and friends:

  • Vacation locations 
  • Activities you want to do with friends 
  • Picture of family if you want one 
  • Family milestones 

Those are just some categories you may have for your goals and some examples of photos you could include. 

Really try to get specific. Even if you think it’s too specific, that’s okay. It’s not saying that if you use a photo of a house that’s white that you can’t get a house that’s green… It is a guideline but being able to SEE the vision is so powerful. 


Using words is also a great way to pump up your vision board. These could go along with the photos or you could use words for when you can’t find the right photo. 

Ideas for using words on your vision board:

  • Favorite quotes that inspire you
  • Numerical goals
  • Your word of the year 
  • Mantras to live by 
  • Things you want to remember 
  • Things you’re grateful for 
  • A list of all your goals in words
how to create the best vision board
the most important parts of a vision board

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Wrapping it up

I love a good vision board. They are always so fun to make and they keep you inspired and motivated all year long. 

Whether you make a physical or digital vision board it doesn’t really matter but DO make sure it’s somewhere you see every day. I personally have my digital vision board as my computer background. I’m even thinking about making a mini one to put on my phone this year. 

Make sure you are super specific about your goals before you start and then find the photos that truly express them. This can take some time but it’s so worth it!

As you go through the year you could even tick off the goals you have achieved so you see your progress every day too!!

There really are no right or wrong ways to do vision boards. As long as it makes sense to you and you feel it’s motivating, you’ve done it right!! 

Best of luck with your vision board this year! I just know you’ll crush all your goals ❤️

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