The Ultimate Spring Wishlist: Things I Need For A Refresh

Spring is here but honestly, it doesn’t really feel like it. The weather here in Canada (at least where I am in British Columbia) has been dreary. It’s not unusual for spring to be rainy… I mean they say “April showers bring May flowers.” However, I don’t think I can wait until May to feel something again. I need a refresh!

I have been thinking about what that even means to me—what is refreshing after all? Everyone will answer differently. Some would say a day at the spa others would say a hard workout. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. 

While reflecting I also realized that a lot of material things fall on my “spring refresh” list which at first I worried about. There is a lot of pressure to be more minimal and spend less. I’ve never been a super minimal person. Going to HomeSense can be a form of self-care for me lol. 

So, I came to the conclusion that I don’t need to be a minimalist. It’s okay and doesn’t make me evil to like shopping and getting new décor for the house every season. I’m allowed to enjoy buying new clothes. Getting a new planner or new fancy pens can be a way of lifting my spirits. 

Maybe you can relate? Or maybe you’re a minimalist. Either way, I hope you enjoy my spring refresh wishlist!

Things I need right now to refresh my life

In no particular order, here are the 15 things I feel would give me a little pep in my step!

Pastel living room décor 

Spring screams pastel to me! I recently picked up some pastel dish towels for the kitchen and looove them! I’m thinking I need some more pastel things in my life. 

Cutest candles from SoyCandleNYC on Etsy
Pink flower pillow from Amazon
This amazing clock from Society 6

New pictures in the bedroom

I’ve been wanting to hang some new pictures in our bedroom for a while but I’m always so stressed about picking something and then not liking it (even though I know I can change them lol). We currently have wire frames with a bunch of printed-out photos of us which I love but I need a change I think. 

Any suggestions?

Cute pair of runners for my hot girl walks

I’m going to challenge myself to walk 2 miles a day (which is just over 3km). You heard it here first! There will be a blog post all about my experience once I do it for a month. So, I need some cute runners for my walks. I’m thinking these maybe… I’ve always liked Adidas!

The fuzzy lululemon belt bag

Every time I see someone with the fuzzy Lululemon bag I just want it so bad!! However, I can’t seem to find any so I’m thinking they aren’t sold anymore?? I found a few other options though so maybe I’ll grab one of these. Thoughts?

A trip to the bookstore 

There is nothing better than a walk around the bookstore with a coffee. It would be fun to grab a book that reminds me of spring while I’m there. 

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Fresh flowers 

I don’t buy myself flowers very often (how un-Miley Cyrus of me). I want to make an effort to have fresh flowers in the house more often this spring because they always look amazing and they smell good! Plus, Luna (my cat), loves flowers. 

Full style revamp/ closet cleanout

Will this happen? Honestly, probably not lol. I would love to get rid of a bunch of clothes (which I do 2 times a year) and replace them with a more put-together, cohesive wardrobe. Here’s the thing—I have no fashion sense. I have no idea what I need, what looks good on me, and so on. I literally live in Lululemon leggings and sweaters. So, maybe if you have some tips on some basics I need I could start there!

Also, this is kinda the style I want to go for but it’s sooo not my current vibe. Help lol

More walks around the neighborhood 

Getting fresh air has a way of refreshing you. Crazy. Now that it’s a bit warmer outside I should get out there more.

A fresh manicure 

I’ve been giving my nails a break lately but I’m sooo ready to get them done again! I really feel more put together with my nails done and I love all the spring colors and trends. 

A haircut

The last haircut I got was like a year ago… oops. Yeah, my hair could use a trim for sure. I also find a fresh cut and some highlights is a great way to get a new start for spring.

Spring-scented body wash 

I’ve been hoarding spring and summer soaps from last years Bath and Body Works sale so they are ready to come out! Will I buy more during the next sale? Yes.

Motivational art prints for my office 

My office at work needs a little sprucing up. I have a picture frame that I put seasonal quotes in but I’m feeling like I need something colorful and motivational. 

A weekend away

Nothing says “refresh” like a vacation. There are so many fun places to go locally. Just getting out of your own house and staying in a hotel for a couple of days can be so relaxing and fun. I love going to Whistler and it’s a great spot to visit in the spring and summer. 

An everything shower (iykyk)

I need to do these more often honestly. Once my body feels like a naked mole rat it will know spring is here. Really sorry for that picture in your mind. 

A cute flowy pink dress with flowers—something you’d wear to a picnic 

I’m not sure if I’ll be attending any picnics right now because well, the rain. But, I want to be prepared so I’ll be finding myself a new dress that makes me feel like a cute little flower. 

15 things you need for a spring refresh
things I need in my life for spring for a spring refresh

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What do you need to refresh your life? Do you tend to lean more towards material things like me?

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