This Is How You Know To Pivot Your Business

If you have ever started some type of creative venture (a blog, YouTube channel, Etsy shop, etc.) then you probably know the feeling of starting and then immediately wanting to change things! Maybe you picked a blog name and then a month in wanted to switch up the direction. Or maybe you started selling something in your shop but then wanted to try something new. Chances are you have wanted to pivot your business. 

That is where I am with my Etsy shop! If you have been following along then you know I started an Etsy shop with my fiancé in November 2021. The plan was to make t-shirts and sweaters along with some other little items like stickers. We were even lucky enough to have Nick’s workplace buy 60 t-shirts from us initially to sell in their actual store font! How cool!

After a few months though the Etsy shop was not taking off and I lost pretty much all motivation to promote it and try new things. We are still getting local orders which is awesome and has at least kept us a little busy! It has mostly been custom orders and it’s been a lot of fun. The slight change in direction (local, custom sales) sparked an idea in my mind… a rebrand!

Indecision and deciding to pivot

Ask any business owner big or small if they have wanted to scrap everything they’ve done and start over and I’m sure most would say they’ve thought about it. Indecision is such a struggle when you are starting something new. When I started blogging I originally was a book blogger. I had a website called The Comfy Reader (it’s honestly probably still out there lol) and I wrote about all the books I read, book recommendations, book tags, etc.

The thing that led to my major indecision was the fact that I felt stuck. I love reading and talking about books but I didn’t want to do that for every single post. I was getting bored. Fast forward a few months, I messed around with some ideas and figured that a lifestyle brand would be more up my alley. It would be around a year before I actually did it though lol super indecisive over here!

So, it’s clear that my Etsy shop is not the first time I have wanted to pivot and it won’t be the last time either. When I pivoted my book blog I was nervous at first. I didn’t want to start over. But, I’m so happy I did because I feel more aligned. So I know that making any changes in direction to my Etsy shop will do the same!

My advice to you if you are thinking of pivoting your business (and yes, a blog/YouTube/tiktok/etc. IS a business) is: go with your gut. If you have this weird itchy feeling inside of you telling you that something isn’t you or isn’t totally aligned… listen! It’s okay to pivot.

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5 signs that its time to pivot your business

Look, it’s not as simple as just restarting. For me, it will be because my Etsy shop really hasn’t taken off so a simple restart is hopefully going to work just fine. But maybe you have a successful business and pivoting is a much bigger decision for you. I get that! 

Here are 5 signs that it might be time to at least consider a business pivot. Remember, you are the ONLY person that will know what is right for you and your business.

You are uninspired

If your business venture is not exciting or interesting to you anymore that should be a big red flag. Of course, not every single day will be butterflies and rainbows BUT there should be some spark there still. Maybe you feel like I did when I decided to pivot my Etsy shop (unmotivated, bored, uninspired to create new things, etc.).

Your interests have changed

Let’s be honest, sometimes interests just change. Maybe you started a blog about fitness and it’s just not your thing anymore. That’s okay!! Find something that does interest you and run with it. Maybe you can even find ways to incorporate new interests into it without totally starting over! Be creative girly ❤

There are no sales

Probably obvious but if your not making any sales (assuming you are selling something in your business) then it may be time to reevaluate things. Pivoting doesn’t mean giving up! Sometimes you may need to pivot your marketing techniques (who you are selling to, the platforms you are using, etc.). It could also mean a total refresh with new products or services and that’s okay too!

You have unlocked a new passion or talent

Hello multi-passionate ladies! I have struggled sooooo much with niching down because I simply don’t want to. I have slightly niched down as I’ve found myself in my blog and business but honestly, I love a lot of things and have multiple passions. Pivoting your business to fit new passions or talents is great! Let all your amazing qualities shine for the rest of us to see 🙌

Priorities have changed in your life

Making changes can also be due to factors out of your control. If you’ve recently had a baby or had to take on new responsibilities at your job or in your family… things need to shift with you! Maybe that means offering fewer coaching sessions to your audience or writing a couple fewer blog posts a month. It could also mean taking a complete break from your business. Just remember that you run your business. Your business doesn’t run you!

The new direction for my Etsy shop

If you have read this far I can only assume you may be interested in what my Etsy shop is going to look like moving forward. I don’t have everything mapped out quite yet but I have a decent outline. Also, I am learning to loosen the reigns a little when it comes to plans. I’ve realized that not everything can be planned out in advance. It’s good to go with the flow from time to time! 

So, what I can share so far… My Etsy shop will be headed into a bit of a rebrand to fit more with my blog (Life by Deanna). I originally wanted the shop to be its own entity. However, I am now seeing that it would feel more aligned if I could merge them. It will still be called Pine the Label but with a bit of a look change!

My focus for the shop will be similar to the blog which will be helping amazing people discover and go for their dreams. To promote living the dreamy life that you deserve. As of right now, I am focusing on printable items like worksheets and booklets to help you become inspired and get on the right path! And of course, stickers, because I love them so much!

I can’t wait to share the shop with you guys once I have totally rebranded and updated it but so happy to share at least an update right now 🙂

Final thoughts

No matter where you are in your business journey it’s so important to remember that you are in control. Whether you run a blog or you have an online shop, you are the boss here. Yes, there will always be people telling you the “correct” way to do things. You will always have people telling you that success is a number (amount of followers, views, money). The reality is, only you can determine what works for you and how you FEEL about it. 

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most people start a business or a creative journey because it’s some sort of dream to them. I know I started my blog because it’s a dream to be a blogger full-time one day. So, the way you feel about your business is super duper important. None of us picture our dreams looking the same way as our current life, right? Chances are you don’t want to be a slave to your business like you are to your 9-5 job?

If you need to pivot, do it. Don’t feel shame. Don’t feel discouraged. Just do it. Like Ross from friends said, pivot, pivot, pivot!!! (but less aggressive because I love ya and believe you can do anything) ❤

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Have you ever wanted to pivot something you’ve started? Tell me about your experience!

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