Wellness Tips For A Realistic Healthy Girl Summer

Summer is here ladies and the internet is constantly shoving “healthy girl” and “it girl” content down your throat! I am all for being healthy, especially in the summer. However, the “healthy girl” content can be a bit much. 

I’m here with my own version of a healthy girl summer. It’s more realistic and attainable for the average gal. 

Not sure about you, but I don’t have all the time in the world to craft these crazy salads, go to the latest reformer pilates class before the sun rises, and still get my whole work day in. 

Wellness doesn’t need to be impossible. It needs to be realistic so you’ll actually do it. So, here are some wellness tips for the realistic people who are ready for their healthy girl summer. 

What is a healthy girl summer?

This is another term for “that girl” or “hot girl” which I’m sure you’ve seen around on Tiktok. 

The idea is to focus on your health and mindset. It’s about following through with all your healthy habits and not just having fun all summer. 

The reason I love the term “healthy girl summer” is because it literally says it in the name– the focus is on your health. 

It’s not just being the hottest girl around, eating vegetables nonstop, wearing tight clothes, and acting like you don’t give af. 

Health and wellness are HOLISTIC which means when you have a healthy girl summer, you are focusing on all aspects of your life which includes balance. 

Wellness tips for a (realistic) healthy girl summer 

As I mentioned before, I am all about being realistic for all the girlys who aren’t full-time influencers with all the time and money in the world. Let’s dive in! 

Get more natural movement 

This could mean going to the gym a bit more if you want and that’s already your thing but it doesn’t have to be! 

Try taking the stairs more, walking around the block every night, standing while you work, doing calf raises while you brush your teeth, walking to the coffee shop instead of driving. 

Just move more! Doesn’t matter how. 

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Floss your teeth 

Healthy girls floss their teeth 💁🏼‍♀️ dental health is no joke and this summer could be the perfect time to focus on those little habits! Just think of how proud your dentist will be!!

Read for knowledge (and enjoyment)

Reading is a wonderful way to practice self-care and also improve your knowledge. Who doesn’t like some good personal development?

I like books that are entertaining but also full of information. Here are some of my faves:


The cool thing about meditation is that it can be done in 2 minutes or while you walk or eat! 

Try out an app like Headspace or do a little search on Google for guided meditations. 

Focusing on mindfulness and self-care is what healthy girls do! 

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Make flavored water 

Water is not always appetizing, I get it! Having a full water bottle is not always enough to motivate you to drink it.

Since it’s summer, get some fruit and veggies and naturally flavor your water. It tastes good and adds a *little* extra nutrition!

Increase your protein

This is something I’ve been really trying to do lately and as a past protein hater, I can say it does actually make a difference in how you feel and your overall health lol. 

I’ve been loving the Fairlife Core Power protein milk. So yummy. 

Increasing your protein can help you lose weight, grow your muscles, fill you up between meals, and maintain bone health. 

Lather up the sunscreen 

No healthy girl is too cool for sunscreen! Everyone knows by now that sunscreen is a must so just wear it, okay?

Expose yourself to new things 

Try new hobbies, meet new people, and travel to new places. 

It’s always a bit shocking how your mindset and outlook on life changes after you’ve traveled somewhere and experienced a new culture.

The same can be said for trying new things and meeting new people.

Allow yourself to be open-minded and get out there! You could even make a bucket list like I did for self-care activities!

Keep a journal 

Since this is a healthy girl summer, keep a journal of all the memories you are making, the lessons you are learning, and the healthy habits you are working on. 

Focus your journal sessions around life and what’s happening. Less negativity and more healthy mindset!

Do small things that make you happy 

Being a healthy girl is all about balance. You spend so much time improving yourself, eating healthy, moving your body, and so on. 

Make sure you schedule in fun! Go out with your friends, eat tacos, drink margaritas, lounge by the pool all day, watch your fav tiktokers, go to sports games, and enjoy the hot dogs! 

Do the things that make you happy. Life is about balance!! Should you go out and party every night? Probably not. But don’t limit yourself just because of health. Health is also parties with friends.

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wellness tips for a healthy girl summer
how to have a realistic healthy girl summer

In summary 

Those were some wellness tips for a healthy girl summer that is actually realistic.

No 5am workout classes. No limiting carbs. No cutting out alcohol. Just doing what feels right with an emphasis on healthy HABITS that you can stick with! 

What will you add to your summer habits? 

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