What’s In My Bag As A 20-Something: An Honest Look

I need to be honest and say that my purse, or should I say purses, are not organized! I am a messy gal when it comes to my bags… just had to get that off my chest! What is in my bag varies depending on what bag I’m using, where I’m going, and how long it’s been since I cleaned it out lol. 

I always love the posts where people “empty” their bags and it’s like 4 items. Like NO, show me everything that was in there before you just cleaned it for the picture! I know I can’t be alone in the messy purse club. I like to think of my purse as a bottomless pit. You know the from the movie Halloweentown when the grandma just keeps pulling random shit out of her purse forever? That’s me! Minus the magic and the fun items 😂

Without further ado, let’s take a look in my bag!

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What’s in my bag

what is in my purse? What is in my bag? Purse contents outside the purse. Showing wallet, phone, keys, kobo ereader, earbuds, etc.

The essentials (phone, wallet, keys) 

Hopefully you know the phone, wallet, keys reference but if you don’t, google it and add Adam Sandler. You’re welcome 😜

First things first, my wallet! I have a pretty normal sized wallet and I try my best to not clutter it full of random gift cards and things I don’t need. At one point I used to carry all my gift cards with me and it was so dumb because a) what if my wallet was stolen and b) how often do I really go to the mall that I need all of them with me at all times? 

Car keys, duh! 

My phone! Although it’s not usually in my purse because I usually have it near me somewhere lol can we talk about being addicted? 

My lanyard holding my work keys. During the work week, I use this purse so I always have my work keys with me. My bff makes the cutest lanyards so check out her Instagram shop!

Hand sanitizer! Gotta have it. I usually get my purse sized ones from Bath and Body Works because they smell sooo yummy. 

The extras

I love to have my Samsung Earbuds with me because you never know when you’ll have some time to listen to an audiobook/podcast/music. I’m a big audiobook lover so I tend to listen while I’m at work!

I always like to take my kobo as well! You never know when you’ll have some time to read and the best part about the kobo (or any e-reader) is that you can have it full of soooo many books to read! 

All the receipts… I will say this time I only had 3 receipts and an expired McDonald’s coupon lol but just know it’s been BAD!

Deodorant because I typically forget to put it on before I leave the house lol embarrassing but true. This is actually not my fav deodorant but it’s what I have in my purse right now. This one my current fav!

Tampon because well, as a period having girly you always want to be prepared!

Extra CBD gummies. I’m showing the whole container here but I don’t carry the container around with me. I usually just throw one or two extra gummies into a zip lock bag. I take them for my anxiety so if I’m out and about and get myself into a situation where I’m overly anxious I know I can grab a CBD gummy on the go!

Always gotta have some Advil on hand. Nothing worse than having a pounding headache at work and nothing to help with it. 

I still have a mask hanging around in my purse just in case there’s a place I need to wear it but at least where I live, there are no more masks needed. I just like to be prepared! 

And finally, pens! My mom always pulled a pen out of her purse when I was younger. At the doctor and need to fill out a form? Mom has a pen. On the airplane and need to sign those border forms? Mom has a pen! So, now I’m the mom (without actually being a mom) with a pen lol. 

What’s in my bag trend 

I always love a personal look into other people’s lives, I’m nosey like that! It’s also funny because I’ve always been under the impression that no one would ever care what’s in my bag or what I bought for groceries or my morning routine… like why would anyone care about something so mundane?? But I’m also the same person who LOVES watching vlogs on YouTube and lives to see what other people are up to, no matter how mundane it is. 

So, when I started seeing people post about what is in their bags I was all over it but didn’t want to post it myself! Can we talk about imposter syndrome?? The trend is probably over honestly, me being late for trendy things is super on brand lol but here we are anyways!

Here’s your reminder to share your life with others if that’s what you want to do because there are SO MANY people out there who truly do care and do want to see, read, and hear what you have to share!

what is really in my bag - an honest look inside of a 9-5 workers purse

I would love to know what’s in your bag! Let me know below or tag/DM me on Instagram with your bag pics!!

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