How To Create The Perfect Self-care Plan

Do you practice some type of self-care on a regular basis? If you don’t, you should! I know it’s hard to find the time to do it and like, what should you even be focusing on? It’s a lot to figure out on top of your busy life! Also, after a long day at work doing another *thing* might sound like too much. I get it! That’s why creating a self-care plan is a game changer. 

If you want to start practicing more self-care without the headache, create a self-care plan!

In this post, we will chat about why a self-care plan is helpful and HOW to create one! Keep on reading for all the self-care plan deets. 

What is a self-care plan?

The name is self-explanatory – a self-care plan is a plan you create so you can engage in self-care on a regular basis. 

Like any other plan, it requires you to map out what you’ll be doing and when! This plan is just about self-care 🙂

Why having a self-care plan matters

As already discussed, self-care can easily slip through the cracks of a busy life. When is there time to dedicate to fun, relaxation, and pampering? Not often! Not when there is so much else to do. 

Creating a self-care plan helps you work around all the hustle and bustle so you are still finding time to focus on yourself. 

Self-care isn’t just laying in the bath. It’s important for your overall well-being! Plus, there are so many different ways to practice self-care which makes your plan much more customizable! 

Also, a self-care plan holds you accountable. When you have a plan in place and it’s well thought out, there isn’t really a reason to not follow through. 

In the long run, having a self-care plan will make you love your “you time” so much more because it will be part of your schedule and something you can count on. 

Life is chaotic and society today just doesn’t allow for slowing down. That is why making time to slow down is a must. No one else will do this for you! Self-care has to be a priority in order for you to do it. A self-care plan helps you make it a priority!

Types of self-care 

Before we jump into creating the plan, let’s talk about the different types of self-care so you can start brainstorming the types of activities you want to do! 

There are several types of self-care: 

Physical self-care 

Physical self-care is what you do for your body! There are certain things your body needs in order to run smoothly. By practicing physical self care you are taking care of your body.

Physical self-care examples:

  • Exercise 
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Attending doctors appointments 
  • Stretching 

Mental self-care 

Mental self-care refers to what you’re doing to take care of your mind! Your mind is a powerful thing that needs to be cared for on a regular basis.

Examples of mental self-care:

  • Reading 
  • Puzzles 
  • Therapy 
  • Practicing self-compassion 
  • Learning 

Emotional self-care

Emotional self-care is what you are doing to care for your feelings and cope with stress. Since there is so much stress in daily life it’s important to ensure you are using healthy coping skills and appropriate outlets for your feelings! 

Examples of emotional self-care:

  • Journaling 
  • Talking to friends and family
  • Therapy 
  • Being in nature 
  • Deep breathing 

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Spiritual self-care 

Spiritual self-care is important because it’s about connecting with something bigger. It’s grounding. It doesn’t need to be a religion (but it can be). 

Examples of spiritual self-care:

  • Meditation 
  • Praying 
  • Reflecting while alone 
  • Being in sacred spaces 
  • Attending groups 

Social self-care 

Social self-care is crucial because we are social beings! As much as everyone needs alone time, you also need social time. Being social is also important for maintaining relationships which are much needed by everyone. 

Examples of social self-care:

  • Being with friends and family
  • Date nights 
  • Social media 
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Going to a class/meet-up

How to create a self-care plan 

Maybe you have some ideas of what type of self-care you like the most or NEED the most. I know I tend to focus more on physical and mental self-care because my job is not super active and it’s pretty mentally heavy. So I know those things are important to me at the end of the day in order to get up and do it all again tomorrow. 

So now I’m going to walk you through the steps for creating your own self-care plan. It’s not super hard! You will be ready for all the self-care after this, I promise! 

1- Do an audit of your habits and routines

To make any changes to your current lifestyle and schedule you need to know what you are currently doing. 

What routines are you following (if any)? Do you focus on any habits? What does your day look like on a regular basis? Are there any self-care activities you currently try to do? 

If you need help doing the habit audit, check out this post that goes into a full habit audit in detail. 

Something important to remember when reviewing your current habits and routines is – be honest! 

If you don’t have any routine and just come home and watch 4 hours of TV each night, say that! It’s okay. This part is the hardest step. But admitting that you have room for improvement just makes room for better things! You can do this. 

2- Make a list of self-care ideas 

The fun part! Make a list of all the self-care activities you like to do. 

Maybe grab a few ideas for each self-care category. Try picking things you actually want to do. If you never see yourself doing a puzzle, don’t pick that. Be realistic with yourself. 

Get excited about your list. Imagine yourself getting to do all those things. What one do you want to do first? What activity is the most fun to you? 

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3- Create self-care goals 

You don’t need to get too fancy here. Don’t worry about making super complex, long-term goals (unless you want to).

Just think of any goals you have in regard to self-care. 

Some of mine include:

  • Read 50 books in the year 
  • Journal nightly 
  • Pamper myself once a month 

You could get really creative with this depending on the types of self-care you like. 

Some ideas could be:

  • Do one coffee date a month
  • Have a luxurious bubble bath once a week
  • Listen to 10 audiobooks 
  • Walk in nature once a week
  • Have dinner with family every Sunday 
  • Do a 5 minute medium every day
  • Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
  • Cook something new once a week 

Just a few ideas of self-care goals to get you started.

Set 2 or 3 for now! 

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4- Set up a self-care schedule 

You now have a bunch of self-care ideas and some goals. Now you need to create a schedule (aka the plan). 

Grab your planner or calendar and see when you can schedule in your self-care time. If you have a reading goal then you might schedule 15 minutes a day into your planner. Maybe you set a goal for weekly Bubble baths. Pick a day and schedule it! 

Do this for the next month and then you can change it as you go moving forward. 

5- Remove barriers 

Looking at your self-care schedule, what do you anticipate is going to get in your way? 

What do you see stopping you from following through with your new self-care plan? It might be the time of day (you’re too sleepy in the morning to read) or the day of the week (you have something to do every Tuesday at 6 pm and after that, you are too rushed). 

Whether you’re too tired, too busy, don’t have the equipment, don’t have the money, have too many responsibilities, work late, and so on… you can plan around most of these barriers. 

Make it as easy as possible for yourself so you can follow through with the plan. 

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Tips for sticking with your new self-care plan 

Like any new habit or routine, it can take some time to get into the swing of things. If you decided to start a new daily self-care activity (like reading or meditating) you may slip up from time to time and that’s okay. Be as consistent as possible without being overly stressed about it. 

Some simple tips for keeping up with your self-care plan:

  • Make your self-care time as fun as possible 
  • Create a special ritual around your time (like lighting your fav candle)
  • Write it in your calendar, planner, phone, and anywhere else you track your schedule 
  • Tell others about your plan
  • Start small – read only a few pages or exercise a couple of times a week and then build it up
  • Put your self-care goals somewhere you will always see them 
  • Remember the why behind what you’re doing – why is self-care important to you? What is the outcome if you keep practicing self-care? 

Final thoughts 

I love self-care and I try to do something self-care related every day. It’s taken some time to really make a solid plan but now I really look forward to my self-care time.

If you can, I think it’s beneficial to have a self-care goal for each type of self-care. It keeps things a bit more well-rounded. But as always, start small and make it as easy and fun as possible. 

At the end of the day, we are all just trying to live our best lives during our time on this big floating rock. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Have the best time doing it. 

What do you think of a self-care plan? Do you have any self-care goals? 

Until next time,


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