How To Take Care Of Your Inner Child & Artist For Deeper Self-discovery

If you’re knee-deep into the adulting world, deepening your self-discovery can feel like another thing to add to the to-do list. Personally, my favorite aspect of deepening my self-discovery is that I don’t need any fancy gadgets, or commit to a rigorous self-care ritual. It’s simply about returning to your inner child by doing the little things that make you happy, give you meaning, and purpose. 

I don’t know about you, but during childhood, I was a pro at that. 

But as we get older, responsibilities start to pile up, & negative experiences ( for example- the education system, cultural messages, etc.) start to push us further away from our true selves… 

So, if you’ve been feeling:

  • Lost 
  • Burnt Out 
  • Trapped 
  • Or simply looking for ways to nurture your well-being 

These 3 steps uncover how to take care of your inner child (& artist!) for deeper self-discovery. 

What does it mean to discover your inner child?

Rooted in psychology ( tracing back to psychiatrist Carl Jung) your inner child is the free-spirited part of yourself that is happiest through exploring, learning, and indulging in light-hearted fun! 

To make that a bit more clear, think about it this way and ask these questions:

  • what were your favorite things as a child?
  • what types of topics, hobbies, and outlets interest you currently and in the past?

To discover your inner child is to bring back those things, to chase your curiosity, and learn to love the process. 

What is an inner artist? 

Your inner artist simply means unleashing the creative drive within you! Children are the best at this one. 

Painting in art class, using a variety of different decorations on a new project, telling stories, and engaging in imaginative play all day long. 

Yet so many of us forget this playful creativity as adults! Reignite your inner artist by discovering a new creative outlet, or coming back to one you used to love as a kid.

1. Choose a repetitive activity 

You may be thinking, how does a repetitive activity deepen my self-discovery journey? Here’s the science behind it!

Because we’re so absorbed in doing the repeated actions our brains start to slip into a passive state AKA calming our anxiety, & worries. Additionally, repeated activities burn out negative energy stored up in our bodies in a slow and gentle way that isn’t too sudden for our nervous system. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • doodling in an art journal
  • weaving
  • knitting
  • scrapbooking
  • writing affirmation cards
  • drawing in a coloring book 

2. Discover Your Creative personality type 

Everyone has a unique primary creative type that drives how we show up in the world. In a nutshell, the 7 different types are: artist, thinker, adventurer, producer, maker, innovator, & visionary. 

By discovering your type, you’ll understand yourself better, work in harmony with who you are, and & deepen relationships with those around you. 

Discover your type with the 15-question Adobe Create’s free quiz, here (anymore, Dreamers out there?!) 

3. Finally, take advantage of affirmations

Think of affirmations as an exercise for your brain… It’s definitely not a magic fix-all, but with consistency & repetition, studies reveal reciting affirmations can actually rewire our brains for positivity. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • I let go of the need to perform, please for the approval of others 
  • I allow myself to play and not take my craft too seriously 
  • Every idea doesn’t have to work out, and that’s okay with me
  • I deserve to discover the little things that light my spirit. 
  • My ideas, thoughts, and feelings deserve to be listened to and respected. 
  • I tap into my creative energy by doing things that make me happy affirmations 
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There is much power in knowing your authentic self and living in alignment with your unique passions. 

How are you caring for your inner child and artist this season? 

Author bio:

Rose is an arts for well-being facilitator, and owner of creative wellness blog, Miss Rosalina. Her passion is providing creativity & artful self care resources for inner child healing, improved mental health & personal growth. 

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