I Started A Patreon Membership For The Personal Growth Girlys

Big news! I started a Patreon membership for personal growth lovers and book club girlys. 

Starting a membership or community has been one of my big goals ever since starting this blog. Even before I started the blog I wanted to have a community of women who wanted to be a little better and support each other.  `

Now that I’ve been in this blogging space for a couple of years I felt like it was the time. My mindset in life nowadays is to put myself out there. Basically, you will never know what you are capable of or what will happen if you don’t try. I’ve tried MANY things in the past 2-3 years and most have failed. I’ve learned a lot from those trials and errors though. I am a forever-growing gal (who isn’t?!) so that mindset and my love for learning and sharing my knowledge has created…


What is the membership all about?

Whenever you start something new you try to come up with a couple sentences to explain your new thing. It’s SO hard to fully encompass a whole entity into a couple of sentences but here we go. 

The Growing Gals Patreon Membership is a monthly space for women who love personal growth but hate the hustle-y culture that goes along with it. It’s a community that has monthly resources, guides, and content to help growing gals to be a little better every day while being surrounded by other supportive, like-minded people. 

Ahhh, hopefully, that is sort of a good short explanation. Here is the longer explanation because if bloggers are good at one thing, it’s being detailed lol. 

The Growing Gals Patreon Membership is meant to guide and be a community for personal development but also entertainment. The hope is through the personal growth content (like the monthly resources guide) and other discussion threads, challenges, and fun chats it will be a catalyst for growth but also friendship. 

I’ve always wanted to join other memberships but honestly, the price on some of these communities is STEEP. I do not have an extra $100 a month to spend on a membership. Recently I joined someone’s Instagram subscription thing which was $12.50 a month and was really disappointed in what the subscriber got in return. 

I decided to just screw it, and make my own! 

You’ll find that The Growing Gals membership has different price options but they are all affordable (under $10). 

The membership tiers and prices 

Patreon is really cool because you can customize the tier options. That gives way more price availability so more people can be involved which is always the goal!

Let’s break down the tier levels and what they include.

Tier 1: Book Worms 

This is for my book club girlys. I wanted to have an exclusive book club as part of the membership. You can just join the Book Worms level and be part of that. 

It’s $2.50 a month and you get to:

  • Join in on weekly/monthly book discussions
  • Suggest and vote on books each month
  • Participate in other bookish discussions and activities 

I think this is a great option if you like to read and want to chat books. 

We will mainly read cozy books (rom-coms, cozy mysteries, and overall lighter, fun books). I would also love to start another branch of the book club in the future for people who want to tackle self-help style books. But for now, we are doing COZY books!

Tier 2: Cozy Caterpillars 

I would say this is the main tier option! You get to be part of the book club AND you get access to the monthly resource guide + some extra discussion posts and fun things. 

This option is $5.50 a month. 

Chances are there will be some other things that get included in this tier because I just love making content and can see myself throwing in some “extras” from time to time. 

Tier 3: Buzzing Bees 

This is the last option and the most “expensive.” At $8.50 a month, you get access to the book club, the monthly resource guide, and exclusive Life By Deanna content such as blog posts, podcast-style audios, and other freebies. 

I have some really fun ideas for this tier! 

The monthly resource guide 

Let’s chat about the guide as I would say this is the best selling feature of the whole membership. 

I started creating these monthly guides kind of for fun. It was a way to put my workout plan and other personal growth things in one place. From there I started making it look nicer and added some extra things. I am very thankful to the people who reviewed the guide and gave me feedback!

So, what’s inside the guide?

  • A made-for-you monthly fitness plan
  • A monthly challenge (like spring cleaning, affirmations, and so on).
  • Journal prompts
  • Some type of freebie (like a workbook, PDF printable, etc.)
  • Podcast/book recommendations 
  • Customizable desktop backgrounds created by me each month 
  • + a couple of other fun things 

There is a lot in there! Each month it follows the same kind of format but the content changes. People seem to really like the desktop backgrounds (and so do I). The guide has some great content.

Of course, you end up getting even more content on top of the guide over on Patreon with the book club AND exclusive Patreon discussions and chats. 

Let’s freaking do this!

I am so excited for this membership. It will be a lot of fun and the content should be helpful to get people motivated to work on themselves and their goals. 

Life By Deanna was created to help other women do the things they love and be the best versions of themselves. This membership gives you a more hands-on approach and you get to work with me closely. 

I would love to be your accountability partner and internet BFF over on Patreon. 

Feel free to ask any questions about it in the comments. Hope to see you there :) Thanks for your ongoing support. It means a lot.

Until next time,


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