November 2023: Goal Getting & Feeling Better

With December just a day away it’s really hard not to get into planning mode for the New Year. My brain is stuffed full of a million ideas and things I want to accomplish. I had to force myself to relax a bit and reflect on November instead of jumping ahead. 

It’s always a lot of fun to plan new goals, but I’ve learned that reflecting is one of the most important steps to success. Without seeing the progress being made it’s harder to move forward in a productive way. 

So, I will be getting my planning hat back on soon here but first I want to share my monthly updates with my internet besties!!

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Anxiety is so controlling 

It’s no secret that anxiety has been a part of my life for the last couple of years. If Im being honest it’s probably been in my life since I was a child – I have always had many anxious tendencies. However, COVID really threw it into high gear. 

Anxiety was a constant dark cloud (and still is sometimes). It is actually a bit shocking to realize how controlling it really was.

I am feeling pretty proud of myself because I finally took a step in the right direction with therapy. My counselor is wonderful and she has given me insight that I think I knew but needed to hear from someone else. I’ve been working on grounding techniques that I wish I would have just done sooner!! 

The anxiety is not gone yet and it might never be but the changes I have felt in my body are incredible. I keep an anxiety tracker in my bullet journal and every night I rate my day. There are 3 colors I use (feeling good, feeling uneasy, and not feeling good – that is how I rate it). 

November was a great month. I only had a couple of bad days and the rest was honestly pretty much sunshine and rainbows lol. It’s hard to explain the feeling of normalcy after only feeling anxious… it’s weird but so freeing. 

I still have a long way to go but I just wanted to share my progress and that November has been the biggest eye-opener to how life can really be and feel with the right work being done. 

Goal updates 

I feel like there is a lot to update you on this month! I have made some good progress with my goals and just in general. Life has felt pretty good in November. So let’s chat about the details. 

Blog views: I have maintained 5k monthly page views this month. I did see a rise up to almost 6k but we are dropping down a bit. There was definitely an increase due to Halloween for me but I’m hopeful the holiday season will bring some more. 

Instagram: I haven’t been paying attention to the numbers much lately but I do have a bit of a new strategy which has helped reach and engagement. Hoping that this will pay off in the coming months! 

Email list: I have 319 email friends now! I’m seeing steady growth from the few freebies I have. I could definitely do more promotion of the freebies but for now, I am happy with the numbers. 

Workouts: November was a tad slower than October for workouts. I still crushed the 15 days (I think I actually got 18 days). I had to miss a few days due to straining my calf muscle but overall Im so happy with my routine and how fitness is a part of my lifestyle now. 

Reading: 36/60 books. Yeah, the goal is not happening this year haha. I read 3 books this month and I enjoyed them all so that’s a win. 

Finished Iron Flame!!
Got my photos back from the wedding 🙂
Getting in the Christmas spirit around the house

Favorites from November

Favourite song: One More Time by Blink-182. I’m back on my emo grind lol 

Favourite meal: We have been doing a lot of homemade meals this month. I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one meal… probably the homemade tomato soup and the mini chicken quesadillas

Best book: Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros – hands down one of the best books I’ve read this year (other than Fourth Wing, the first book in this series). Obsessed with this dragon world and Xaden is a top-tier book boyfriend. 

Favourite Amazon purchase: I ordered a new tree skirt! So funny story – last year I bought a new Christmas tree, it’s a pencil tree, and the skirt I had was way too big. I ordered one about half the size thinking it would be perfect but when it came it was obviously for a miniature tree lol. I ordered a new one a few sizes up (36in) and it’s perfect, great quality, and adorable! 

Best Black Friday deal: I only buy Lululemon sports bras when they are on sale lol so I had to grab one over the sale weekend. I picked up the Align Light Support sports bra for $29!!!! What a steal. 

Favourite podcast episode: Organizing your blog for success from The Ultimate Blog Podcast

Funniest show: We started watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I know it’s an old one but oh my god lol they don’t make shows like this anymore. Lots of laughs to be had. 

Cutest Christmas decoration put out: This peppermint bark wall decor from Michaels

Favourite Instagram post: The sharing of my wedding pictures!!

Top blog posts from November:

What I’m looking forward to

I cannot wait for Christmas and all the fun things that come with it!

I’ve got my nails done for the holidays already (red with candy canes) and I’ve already walked around Lafarge Lake to see the Christmas lights (highly recommend if you are in the lower mainland BC). 

There are so many things to do and look forward to but here are a few:

  • Skating at an outdoor rink
  • Visiting Christmas markets 
  • Starbucks holiday drinks
  • Gift exchanges with friends
  • Holiday parties 
  • Time off work
  • Collecting more Christmas decor 
  • Baking cookies

I think Christmas markets might be one of my fav things to do. I love looking at all the handmade things and getting yummy treats. Walking around browsing with a cup of coffee just hits differently. 

I hope you all had a great month full of happiness and progress! As usual, thank you for reading and being a part of the Life By Deanna community. Love you guys. Keep working on your goals – I believe in you 

So, what was good in November for you? What are you looking forward to? 

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