22 Products Every Wellness Girly Needs For A Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your wellness routine! I am a strong believer in getting your full eight hours. Believe it or not, I never pulled an all-nighter during college and even now, I rarely stay up past 10pm. I know not everyone is blessed with good sleeping habits but there are some ways to get a better sleep! If you have been trying to improve your sleep and are a wellness girly at heart, I have the best products for sleep. 

Keep reading for 22 wellness products for a better sleep. 

Why is sleep important for wellness?

So many important things happen in your sleep. It’s not just something we do because its night time. There are reasons humans need sleep. Duh!

Getting a good sleep improves your brain function, mood, and overall health. Seems pretty crucial to prioritize! Everyone has heard of the eight-hour sleep requirement but the truth is, everyone is different. There are studies showing that women may actually need more sleep due to more brain usage and biological reasons. I believe that!

However, it’s no secret that many people suffer from insomnia or have other reasons (like kids) for not getting enough sleep. You may need a little help to get to sleep each night which brings me to the must-have sleep products!

a cozy bed with an alarm clock and lavender plant - products for a better sleep

22 sleep products every wellness lover needs

Do you need all of these? No. Do they help improve your sleep? Definitely! Check out these awesome wellness products that can help you get a better sleep. 

Hatch Alarm Clock

The Hatch Restore 2 is a really cool clock that slowly wakes you up using a sunrise. The other neat thing about it is it doubles as a sound machine. White noise can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. So grabbing one of these super popular clocks can help you sleep while also waking you up gently in the morning. 

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Silk Pillow Case 

Your hair will thank you! Everyone knows that a silk pillowcase is better for your hair but it can also help you sleep. Silk stays at an optimal temperature so no need to keep flipping your pillow for the cold side! I really like these ones from Amazon. You can get them in like a million colors!

Pillow Spray

Speaking of pillows – you can get into a sleepy mood by using a calming pillow spray. SAJE has so many amazing sprays and scents. I personally love the Restful Sleep Mist. Aromatherapy has been shown to help people fall asleep so a pillow spray is a must-have. Plus it just feels so luxurious!

Sleep Mask

A sleep mask always seems so old school to me but it’s because they work! If you are bothered by light or just need to feel something over your eyes to fall asleep, a sleep mask would be good for you! 

Sleep Gummies

I really loved OLLY gummies which I feel have become so popular due to social media. They have so many types of gummies but their sleep ones are great (I’ve also used their anxiety ones and I like them too). Have one or two before bed and let the gummies do their magic!

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Period Underwear

If you have your period you know that sleeping with tampons or pads can be annoying and uncomfortable. Wearing period underwear is a win! Not only are they comfortable but you won’t need to wake up throughout the night to change them. I love Cheeky Cherry underwear. They have really cute options and the company is run but two sisters.

I also have a code with them – use DEANNA20 for 20% off your order. 

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Cozy Socks

I don’t know about you but my feet get cold at night! When my feet are cold I just can’t get cozy haha. Wearing a pair of socks can be more comfortable and also helps regulate your body temperature helping you have a better sleep. The cloud socks are the BEST! So warm and cozy.

Weighted Blanket 

I love a good weighted blanket. They have been known to help people with anxiety so if you have anxiety that makes sleeping hard, you may like a weighted blanket. They can be pretty pricey but this queen sized weighted blanket one is under $100!

Cryo Mask 

While the cryo mask might look like something out of a sci-fi movie, it’s really just a cold mask with little acupuncture beads. The cold therapy before bed can help you sleep better and improve your immune system! As for your skin, this mask is supposed to tighten and reduce inflammation. Win-win!

Sleepy Bath Bomb 

Having a bath before bed can be super relaxing! It’s no secret that getting all warmed up in the bath prompts your brain to sleep. To add an extra layer, use a sleep bath bomb with wonderful scents that help you get to sleep. 

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Calming Tea 

Tea is medicine! There are so many teas that help you sleep so pick whichever one floats your boat. A few popular options include chamomile tea, lavender tea, lemon balm tea, and valerian root tea. 

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The Nocturnal Journal 

Wellness girlys are all about journaling! If you have a tough time getting to sleep because your mind just won’t shut off, try The Nocturnal Journal. If you can’t sleep you may as well do something to help solve the problem!

Blackout Curtains 

I was never fully sold on blackout curtains until I got them! They really do help you sleep. If you live in a place where the sun comes out really early or sets really late (or it’s just the summertime), blackout curtains are great! Plus, they are stylish and make your room feel so cozy. 

Heatable Plushie 

Whether you are struggling to get all cozy at bedtime or have period cramps or just need to warm up, a heatable plushie can do that for you. I know the wellness girlys will love this because they are functional and can help you in many ways AND they are cute. I personally love the avocado one. 

Meditation App/ Meditation YouTube 

I have started doing 5-minute meditations before bed and let me tell you!!! I am ready for sleepy land by the time I’m done. I usually get a short journal session in before I sleep because the meditation also gets me all reflective but after that, sleep!

I use the free 5 minute mediations on YouTube but there are also great apps out there like Headspace!

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CBD Products 

From time to time I need a little extra help with relaxing my body (anxiety problems lol) so I will take a CBD gummy before bed. I am not into THC so I just use CBD and I’ve found it helpful. I use products from Resolve CBD

I have a code with Resolve CBD (RSLVDEANNA) to save 10% on your order!

Smart Thermostat

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep because the room is too hot or too cold. Or maybe you need it warm to fall asleep but then you overheat! Having a smart thermostat (like Google Nest) can help you plan out the perfect temperature for you throughout the night.

Anti-snoring Device

There are a few different products you can use to help with snoring. Of course, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea so it’s always a good idea to see a doctor if you have concerns. 

As for some products you can use, check out these:


The bed you are sleeping on can be a big contributor to your restful (or restless) sleep. About 2 years ago we bought a bed in a box which I was skeptical about but honestly, it’s been the best mattress we’ve had! We went with Bloom but there are so many out there now. I know Purple is super popular (but a bit pricier). I found Bloom had reasonable options. 

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Acupuncture Pillow 

A little freaky if you ask me but I know the wellness girlys will love this. The acupuncture pillow is advertised as “releasing body and mental stress in just 20 minutes.” By using this pillow for just 20 minutes before bed it can help you sleep better, relieve pain, and improve your well-being. Sign me up!

Melatonin Sleep Patch

If you aren’t into taking supplements or pills to help you sleep, you might like a little patch! These small sleep patches are used just at bedtime. They have different sleepy time ingredients that absorb into your body and help you sleep. There are good reviews on these ones and they are quite affordable!


If you are into wellness then you probably already have a smartwatch. However, if you don’t, consider getting one! I have learned so much about my sleep patterns and what helps me get a deeper sleep by using my Garmin smartwatch. It tracks my sleep cycle and also tells me based on a few factors, how much sleep my body needs. I have been following some suggestions from the watch and most of the time have a great sleep.

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Final thoughts

There are so many products that you can use to improve your sleep. If you are into wellness and self improvement I’m sure some of these products are not new to you. However, I think they are all great in their own way and can easily be worked into anyone’s lifestyle.

Sleep is an important part of life. Getting enough sleep will help your body and mind recover and will allow you to live a happy and fulfilling life doing what you love to do!

What sleep products will you be checking out? Or what ones did I miss from the list?

22 wellness products for a better sleep
The best sleep products for wellness lovers

Until next time,


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