What’s The Deal With Period Underwear? + Cheeky Cherry Leakproof Underwear Review

Period underwear is all the rage right now. I’m sure you’ve seen them on social media and maybe you’ve even seen them in stores! The way people are talking and dealing with their periods is changing. And honestly, rightfully so because we deserve to have products that are more comfortable! 

Let’s chat more about period underwear and then I’ll share my review of an awesome company, Cheeky Cherry! 

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Cheeky Cherry. As always, all opinions are my own.

What are period underwear?

Okay, so you might be sitting there asking yourself what exactly is period underwear? And you’re not alone! 

I wasn’t too sure about this concept either when I first heard about it. I had a lot of questions!

Period underwear is literally underwear that you wear on your period! 

They essentially have built-in pads (using special fabrics and materials) that absorb liquid like a pad or tampon would – just in the underwear lining.

No more uncomfortable tampons or awkward pads to deal with! 

These undergarments look and function just like regular underwear and are designed to keep moisture away from your sensitive skin! They are even good to wear during workouts.

The absorbancy technology is meant to stop any leaks (we’ve all been there) without having to use any typical period products – it’s literally just you, your period, and the underwear. 

And before you ask how the heck you clean them let’s chat about that…

Every brand will be slightly different but Cheeky Cherry says to throw your worn underwear into the wash (with or without rinsing) and then hang to dry! SO EASY! 

The benefits of wearing period underwear

I would call period underwear a movement at this point. Just like the Diva Cups were before. And it’s for good reason – there are some awesome benefits to using period underwear. 

1 – they are comfy 

Let’s be real, no one likes the feeling of a big bulky pad in your underwear. They can feel kinda gross and don’t even talk to me about wearing one at night!!! 

Period underwear is just underwear so if you like wearing regular underwear then you’ll like these.

2 – they can be worn for longer 

We’ve all heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome which you can get from having a tampon in too long. Terrifying!

When you wear period underwear you don’t need to worry about that health risk AND some types of period underwear have some pretty crazy absorbancy – meaning you can comfortably wear them for longer. 

For example, Cheeky Cherry says their liners absorb up to 3 tsp, pads absorb up to 6 tsp, and the night pad absorbs 10+ tsp. 

3 – they are environmentally friendly 

Most period products are single use and they come in plastic containers. 

The fact that period underwear is reusable is a big win! 

4 – they are perfect for travel 

Ever had your day 2 period on an airplane before? It’s the worst. The airplane bathroom is so tiny, you have to pack a bunch of tampons or pads, and it’s just uncomfortable.

Period underwear can be a great alternative that allows you to travel a bit more comfortably on those not-so-comfortable days! 

5 – they are leakproof 

This is probably the most important reason for me! 

Maybe TMI but even as an adult, I still get period leaks from time to time (mostly at night but still). 

It’s something that is on my mind and is just another thing to worry about on my period. 

With period underwear you can feel better about leaks because there won’t be any! 

My Cheeky Cherry Leakproof Underwear Review 🙂 

I was so kindly sent a pair of Cheeky Cherry’s Leakproof Underwear and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. 

I picked the Cotton Stretch Dipped Thong which has a liner in it and is meant for lighter days or even working out. This is perfect for me because on the lighter days I don’t need a tampon but I do need something and pads are just not comfy for me.

My initial thoughts:

The underwear is exactly as it looked online. The color is the same and it’s what I imagined would show up! 

The packaging is simple and is all compostable. Shipping was pretty quick too! 

Cheeky Cherry is a Canadian company but they ship worldwide which is a win!

The material:

These are cotton underwear and they feel great. So stretchy and comfortable! 

The pad part of the underwear is great quality and has multiple layers for more protection. Worried about odor? The material used stops any odors even during those heavier days.

The fit:

These fit like a glove! I went for size large based on the size chart. I am normally a pant size 8 or 10. 

If you’re worried about them feeling thick or bulky that is not an issue! They honestly feel like your fav comfy underwear. I could just wear these day to day that’s how comfortable they are. 

What I like about Cheeky Cherry:

Overall I’m super impressed by the quality of these leakproof underwear. Not only are they comfortable but they are cute and they do the job! 

Cheeky Cherry as a brand is also awesome. It is a women-led brand and eco-friendly!! 

They take leak protection seriously and created a wonderful product to change the market and give women more comfort! I love a girls girl 💁‍♀️ (and this company totally is).

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Final thoughts 

Period underwear is changing the market for women! 

Tampons and pads are still great options and there is nothing wrong with using them because a) they are available in all the stores and b) they may be more affordable for you at this time. 

However, it’s nice to have different products that are more comfortable to use and better for the environment over the long term.

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly period product, period underwear is definitely the way to go! 

And if you want to try Cheeky Cherry leakproof underwear you can save 20% with my code Deanna20.

As always, I hope you are all doing well and that you are working to be the best version of yourself because I know you can 🤍

What do you think of period underwear? Share your thoughts in the comments 

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