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Hello to all my self-care girls and others who need some self-care in their lives! 

For those of us who make self-care a priority, finding new self-care products is like winning a prize. It’s so fun to try out new things and ultimately treat ourselves! However, some people might be thinking “I don’t have time for self-care” or “who has the money to treat themselves constantly?” You know, I totally get that!

Hear me out though… self-care is not meant to be time-consuming and a way to spend tons of money. Realistically, it’s just a way to care for ourselves and feel good. That can be done in many ways

Today we are chatting about one way to practice self-care: treating yourself to super awesome items from Amazon! So, if you are an Amazon lover and can’t get enough of self-care, let’s jump into it!

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5 types of self-care 

According to Very Well Mind, there are 5 types of self-care. I think it’s important to focus on different aspects of your life when it comes to self-care because you need it! If all you do is have bubble baths for your self-care you are missing out on a lot of growth (yes, self-care is about growing not just relaxing). 

Physical self-care: this refers to taking care of your body. 

Some ways to practice physical self-care:

  • Move your body
  • Eat healthy foods 
  • Get enough sleep
  • Attend appointments for your health 

Social self-care: this refers to getting enough socialization and nurturing relationships

Some ways to practice social self-care:

  • Coffee dates with friends
  • Phone calls
  • Sunday dinners with family
  • Checking in on your people 

Mental self-care: this refers to your psychological well-being and how you think about yourself

Some ways to practice mental self-care:

  • Journaling 
  • Engage in activities that are mentally stimulating
  • Counseling 
  • Reading 

Spiritual self-care: this refers to fostering some type of spirituality (does not need to be religion).

Some ways to practice spiritual self-care:

  • Meditation
  • Attending a religious service (if you’re into that)
  • Using affirmations 
  • Spending time on things that connect you to your deeper meaning in life

Emotional self-care: this refers to working on healthy emotions and coping skills

Some ways to practice emotional self-care:

  • Talk to a friend about your feelings
  • Practice gratitude 
  • Create a feel-good playlist
  • Practice positive self talk
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The best amazon finds for self-care girls

So, with those types of self-care in mind, you can see it’s more than just having a bubble bath or going for a walk! 

Not all products on Amazon can cover all those different categories but that’s okay. There isn’t a one size fits all way to do self-care. What works for me might not work for you. 

When practicing self-care just remember that it’s about how you feel in those different aspects of life. You may even be going through a season of life where one aspect is more or less important than the others! We are all on our own beautiful journeys! 

Now, let’s chat about the fantastic self-care finds!

Physical self-care finds 

Davids Tea Feel Good Faves – I’m trying to become more of a tea girly so this is a great excuse for tea! Tea is soothing and can help you relax and recharge which is just what the body needs sometimes.

Motivational water bottle – Your physical body needs water to survive and thrive! When you feel like you need some self-care, start with hydrating your body!

OLLY Sleep Gummies – I love OLLY vitamins! I have taken the stress ones and I love them. They taste so good so even just eating them feels like a treat. However, the sleep gummies are a must for when you are feeling run down and need some extra help getting to sleep! Sleeping = self-care

Happy Light – Making sure your body is getting enough sunlight (either naturally or with a lamp) is crucial for your well-being. Spending 30 minutes in front of a happy light can be just the recharging session you need!

Social self-care finds

Hand Mixer – Get yourself a hand mixer so you can bake a cake for your neighbor or even with a friend! It’s a great way to do something nice for someone or to bond over something delicious, like cake! Plus, this one is highly rated and super cute!

Postcards – Grab a pen and a cute postcard and write something nice to a friend or family member!

Water color paint set – Host a paint night with your friends! Spending time with friends and doing something new is a great way to practice self-care

Scattergories (board game) – I personally LOVE this game! It can be played with a group or just one other person. Would be fun with a friend, your spouse, your kids, or the whole family.

Mental self-care finds

Read a book – Any book is good! I linked to a personal fav of mine, Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman!

Adult coloring book – Who doesn’t like to color?! It’s such a fun way to pass the time and allows your mind to relax while still bein stimulated which is what mental self-care is all about

Mindfulness journal – Practice being more present and aware of your thoughts by spending time with a mindfulness journal!

Puzzle – I spent a lot of time when I was younger working on puzzles! I loved them and found peace when sitting down alone to do them. Highly recommend to get into puzzles as a way to do self-care and for your overall mental health.

Spiritual self-care finds

Yoga mat – I know that yoga is an overused example of self-care and while it’s not for everyone it is worth a try! I have this exact yoga mat and I love it. I use it for much more than yoga (HIIT workouts, weight lifting, stretching, etc.) and it is still in good condition!

Grab a pair of walking shoes – An easy way to connect to some type of spirituality is to get out in nature! Go for a walk in the forest or near the water.

Affirmation card deck – Try these “super attractor” cards that will help you feel closer to the universe and give you a little bit of positivity!

Read some Deepak Chopra – I think we have all heard of Deepak Chopra at some point and if you haven’t, go grab a book and start on a spiritual journey!

Emotional self-care finds

Master your emotions book – Self-care is more than relaxing, it’s also growth! Working on your emotional regulation is an important aspect of caring for yourself.

The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal – I swear that my overall mental health and way I viewed myself and the world changed when I started listing things I was grateful for and things that were going well in my life. All those small negative things I otherwise would have dwelled on didn’t really matter as much!

Take yourself on a picnic – Focus on the relationship you have with yourself and practice spending more time alone. It’s not always easy to go on a date by yourself but a picnic at the park is a great place to start (and get’s you out in nature)! Take this super cute picnic basket with you and it will feel like you’re the main character in your own movie.

Self-love workbook – Here is a great way to spend some “me time.” Self-love and compassion is all part of caring for yourself. This is a hands on way and can be done in just a few minutes a day or once a week… whatever you want to do!

In Summary

There are so many ways to practice self-care! I personally focus more on the physical, mental, and emotional. I need to start incorporating spiritual and social! It’s easy to let things slip by and honestly sometimes in my life, I need more rest and relaxation!

I hope you find something new to add to your self-care routine or it at least sparks some ideas on how to could broaden the way you practice right now. 

the best and most useful self-care products

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