Unique Ways You Can Use AI For Your Wellness Journey

How do you feel about AI (artificial intelligence) tools? I feel like you either love it or you hate it. AI tools like ChatGPT have received a lot of flack but if you give it a chance, you’ll see that AI can be super helpful in your wellness journey. 

You are probably reading this asking how?! How could some AI tool like ChatGPT help you in any way with wellness? 

It’s all about the way you ask for help on these AI tools. The prompts you use will determine what information is given to you. I’ve played around with many prompts and ideas for how AI can help you on your wellness journey and have found some valuable and unique ways! 

Interested in how I’m using ChatGPT for my wellness journey? Keep reading!

What is a wellness journey?

I often use the term “wellness journey” and to me, it makes total sense but to you, it might not!

A wellness journey is essentially just a way of life that is focused on wellness and self-improvement. 

I think of it as healthy eating, exercise, mindset, self-care, and so on. However, my own personal wellness journey is more about health and exercise (just because it’s my biggest struggle right now). 

I like to call it a journey because there is no real end destination to wellness. It’s a lifestyle and when things change in your life so does your wellness.

Everyone has a different take on wellness and what it really means to you. So, your wellness journey might look different than mine or you may have not started your journey yet (which is okay). 

If you want to start your wellness journey just know that I believe in you and you are totally capable of living a holistically healthy lifestyle! 

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How AI can help your wellness journey

If you’ve spent any time using ChatGPT or any AI-powered tools then you know there is a lot of information you can get! 

From the basic search tools to AI-powered exercise equipment – there is a lot out there and it’s just the beginning. 

Here are some awesome ways AI can help you on your wellness journey:

1 – Creating meal plans and grocery lists 

ChatGPT has really helped me out when it comes to meal planning. I do not like sitting down and scrolling around trying to find recipes to make. And I’ll be the first to say that I’m not super creative when it comes to cooking. 

You can ask ChatGPT to create a meal plan for “x” days for any type of diet. 

For example, I have asked ChatGPT to make me a 5-day lunch plan that is high protein and no seafood. 

You can then ask it to create a grocery list based on the meal plan. 

If there is something you do not like you can even ask it to replace that meal with something else. 

You can get it really personalized which is great! 

Other prompts to use:

  • Can you create me a grocery list for a Mediterranean diet?
  • Can you make a 30-day dinner plan?
  • Can you create a 30-day lunch meal plan for kids?

2 – Create workout plans or full workouts 

Have you ever gotten to the gym and realized you had no plan or any ideas on what to do? Me too!

ChatGPT can make you a workout plan (for the week, month, etc.) and it can make you a step-by-step workout. 

Again, you can ask for very specific things like, “Can you create a 7-day workout plan that is focused on strength training, dumbbells only.” 

For an actual workout, you could ask, “Can you make me a 30-minute at-home leg workout with no equipment?” 

The sky is the limit.

Now, AI is not a personal trainer or anything (however, there are some AI powered tools out there that are), but if you need guidance or you don’t really care what exercises you are doing, this can be a major time saver! 

Other prompts you can use:

  • Can you create a 7-day yoga workout plan?
  • Can you make a running plan to reach 5k for a beginner?
  • Can you make a 30-minute workout with 10-15 pound weights?

3 – Produce journal prompts to help with mindset (or literally anything else)

If part of your wellness journey is working on your mindset then you have probably started journaling (if not, you should). 

There are a million journal prompts you can find online – quite a few on my blog even! – but you might not want to do the hard work of looking for them so you can ask ChatGPT. 

I got some great results when I asked ChatGPT for a list of 20 journal prompts about improving my mindset.

You can also get more specific and ask for 20 journal prompts about improving your growth mindset or money mindset or mindset about work. Whatever you want!

Other prompts you can use:

  • # journal prompts for changing my mindset 
  • # journal prompts for improving how I see myself
  • # journal prompts to stop thinking small
ChatGPT prompts you can use for improving your well-being

4 – Create a personalized morning routine or night routine 

If you spend any time on social media then you know how much of a chokehold morning routines have on literally everyone. 

If you’ve struggled with creating a morning routine that works for you or you don’t even know where to start you could ask an AI tool to help you. 

ChatGPT can make you a morning (or night) routine that can be personalized for your needs. 

You could ask it to create your a morning routine for 5am to 8am. It will break down your morning and suggest certain activities to do!

Other prompts you can use:

  • Create a morning routine focused on physical health 
  • Create a night routine for someone with anxiety
  • Create a morning routine for parents with kids that need to be ready by 7am

5 – Get motivational reminders 

Sometimes you just need some motivation and the usual motivational quotes on Pinterest just aren’t doing it for you. 

ChatGPT can write you some phrases and saying that can boost your motivation. 

Put them on a poster, write them on a sticky note, or put them in your journal! Whatever you want. 

Use prompts like:

  • Motivational phrases for doing something scary 
  • Write me something motivational to keep up with my fitness journey
  • Motivational phrases for clean eating 

6 –  Producing a monthly wellness challenge 

I love a good challenge but sometimes I can’t find one online that I really like or find myself struggling to come up with something myself. 

ChatGPT came up with a really fun 30-day wellness challenge and it was done in literally 5 seconds. 

A wellness challenge can be a fun idea when you’re trying something new or want to try different habits or activities. 

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Some prompts you can use:

  • Create a 30-day wellness challenge for self-care 
  • Create a 7-day challenge for making healthy habits 
  • Create a 365-day challenge focused on mental health 

7 – Ask for basic tips and tricks 

Since AI gets its information from all the content that’s already on the internet, you can ask for quick answers to things you want to know. 

For example, I recently asked ChatGPT to give me some tips on reducing food waste in my house. It listed out some of the top tips with concise info. 

Should you still fact-check things? Yes. Just like the internet, not everything you read is factual but it can be a great place to start. 

Other prompts you can use:

  • Create a list of productivity tips for students 
  • Top tips for creating a healthy meal plan 
  • Tips for improving my self-care routine 
ChatGPT prompts to use for wellness, using AI for your wellness journey
How to use AI technology for your wellness journey

In conclusion

AI can be a great tool to you when trying to step up your wellness game.

Since this technology is here, we may as well use it! While there are negatives to AI technology, there are also many benefits.

Wellness is a journey (and not an easy one) so anything that can help you improve your life I think should be explored!

I personally love using prompts like the ones above and playing around with ChatGPT is fun! I’ve found it useful for wellness but also other things like social media, emails, outlines for different things, and so on. If you ever have questions about using AI, feel free to hit me up!

How do you feel about tools like ChatGPT? Will you be using AI for your wellness?

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