8 Podcasts Every New Side Hustler Needs To Listen To

So you have a side hustle and you are looking for a podcast to listen to for some *inspo*. Or you want to start a side hustle but just haven’t fully jumped in yet. Podcasts are amazing resources for pretty much any topic you need. There’s TONS of free information on the internet and for a lot of people podcasts are the go-to way to get new info (and fast!). New “side hustlers” are going to need to listen to these podacasts!

When I was thinking about starting a blog the first thing I did was scour the internet for tips and tricks. I came across some fantastic podcasts that I still listen to! It’s great to learn new information and believe me, there is ALWAYS something to learn! It’s also nice to get inspired and motivated which is exactly what a lot of podcasts do!

When was the last time you listened to something that made you say “wow, I’ve never thought of that before” or left you feeling ready to take action like asap? When you find a good podcast you could be feeling that way all the time!

woman holding phone listening to podcasts for new side hustlers

Types of podcasts for the side hustler

I don’t think there is a one size fits all podcast for a person wanting to start or grow their side hustle. Let’s be real, everyone finds different things inspiring. For some people, learning new skills and information is enough. For others it’s hearing motivational stories of other successful people that gets the creative juices flowing.

I also think it’s important to listen to different kinds of content. It’s important to learn new skills, to find out about new technologies, to hear about the latest Instagram algorithm, and to listen to stories, ideas, and opinions! It’s all needed and can be helpful in their own ways.

So for that reason you will find all 8 podcasts in this list are a little different and a wide variety of topics. Something for everyone if you will.

The 8 podcasts for a new side hustler

The Goal Digger Podcast 

This is one of the first podcasts I ever came across when I was starting my blogging journey (back when I had a failed book blog). Jenna Kutcher is such an amazing woman. Not only is she smart and full of amazing info pertaining to business, marketing, and creative entrepreneurship BUT she is a wonderful storyteller and has so many stories to share. You come for the biz talk but you stay for her personality. She is even coming out with a book this year!!


If you need some serious motivation and girl talk, this is the podcast for you! Kacia has this lightness to her that makes you feel like you’re sitting with her having a coffee. She speaks about being multi-passionate and changing career choices (and how it’s totally okay). I found her to be just the person I needed when I first started out because I couldn’t decide on a niche… I had too many interests and picking one didn’t feel like *me* ya know? She gave me that push I needed to just create and to be myself.

GirlBoss Radio

I honestly don’t listen to this podcast as much as the other two but when I do I always find good tidbits of info from the podcast guests! This is so much more than a side hustle podcast – it’s really about success and the stories of successful women. I find this more motivational than anything else. It’s a fun listen for sure!

The GaryVee Experience 

You have probably seen Gary Vee on Facebook or maybe even TikTok. He is the motivational speaker we all need. He’s real, he’s raw, and he speaks from the heart. His insight can feel jarring at times but that is because it’s true. Listen to Gary if you need a real kick in the pants to get going. There is so much you can learn from him – from actual biz tips to mindset to general life lessons. This guy is all over the internet so I recommend checking out his YouTube (and all of his other socials as well)!

The Marie Forleo Podcast 

If you have been around on my blog for a bit you may have read the blog post I wrote about Marie Forleo’s book and how it changed my life. If not, go read it! Marie’s podcast touches on more than business but everything in there can be related to starting and growing your side hustle. She is such a wonderful woman and is so freaking motivational! She’s also pretty funny so you will definitely have a laugh or two when you listen to her!

The Strategy Hour 

I like to listen to The Strategy Hour while on walks. I’m not sure why haha but it’s turned into my walking podcast. There’s a little bit of everything on this podcast but the overall theme is….  You guessed it, strategy! I love this podcast because you leave with some tangible things you can do. Whether you are a service based biz, have a product, run a blog, whatever it may be there is always something to take away! 


I am newer to AskPat and I’m not sure how I didn’t come across him earlier but I’m glad I finally have! He talks about a variety of topics about business. I like that he talks about social media and personal brands since that is more my interest but there is a lot of good info for everyone!

Beyond The To-Do List

So maybe this one is a little random but I truly believe that one major factor in people failing with side hustles is time management. Most of us have a full time job or go to school and that takes up most of our time!! So how can we possibly expect to be successful with a side hustle when we struggle to find the time to work on it? This is a great podcast to listen to for tips and tricks and just some real talk about being productive in work and in life. 

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8 podcasts for side hustlers to listen to

That’s all for today folks! I hope you find some new podcasts to listen to that will be super helpful in your side hustle journey! There are soooo many out there and these are only 8 of them so I’d love to know what your fav podcasts are for side hustlers, biz, blogging, etc! Leave them in the comments!


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