February 2024 Recap: Falling Down And Getting Up Again

Does anyone else feel a bit drained after this month? There is something about February that always feels like a struggle. It’s like you get a bit burst of motivation during January and then February comes and you just can’t keep up anymore. 

It’s one of those “in-between” months. There isn’t a ton to look forward to and the weather is blah. Honestly, March is usually worse for me but this year I have a vacation planned so at least I will get a break haha. 

Hopefully, I’m not alone here when I say I’m glad February is over! I’m ready for another fresh start and with Spring just around the corner, I’m feeling excited again. 

So, without further ado, let’s chat about February!

How was February overall? 

I would rate February 5/10. It was okay. It wasn’t necessarily bad or anything – some really exciting things happened this past month but I found my overall mood and motivation dropped quite a bit. 

February felt like when your brain gets overstimulated and you just stare at the wall for a bit because you can’t deal with anything lol. 

My routines definitely took a hit. I had grand plans to increase my workouts because I was doing so good in January but it just didn’t happen. I worked out maybe once or twice a week. The energy was lacking for sure.

It felt like I needed a bit of a brain break this past month. I posted less on social media, I missed a couple of blog post uploads, and I spent more time on my phone. It’s okay though because sometimes you just need that break.

On the positive side of February – we bought a house! There has been a lot of stress regarding this process lol it definitely added to the struggles I had in February. The house is currently being built in a new development so we put the deposit down and now we wait! It’s both super exciting and super scary because there is a lot of uncertainty. But I’m focusing on the good, happy feelings as much as possible :) I will share more about this in the coming months and maybe on Instagram as well!

A little mirror selfie
Made chicken enchiladas!
Home workouts

Goal updates

Monthly page views: I am still around 7k page views, nothing has changed too much since last month. I am seeing a little bit of an uptick over on Pinterest though so crossing my fingers that converts to more blog views!

Email subscribers: The goal is 500 and I am sitting at 471. I did not anticipate gaining so many email subs so quickly so most likely this goal will be raised soon. However, I do plan on going through the list and removing people who haven’t opened an email in the last 6 months so it will be lowered. 

Threads following: I’ve been loving Threads! I have 439 followers now. I gained about 80 followers since last month which is AWESOME!!

Read 50 books: I read 5 books in February which means I am making some good progress. I’m at 9/50 books :) 

Secret project: I’m finally sharing what I’ve been working on! I’m starting a membership on Patreon. It’s going to have a book club, monthly resources for your personal development journey, exclusive blog content, freebies, and more! I can’t wait to share it all with you. I’m planning on having it all ready to go for April :)

February favourites

This month I have been laying low when it comes to spending money because of the house purchase. But there were still some faves so here they are!

Favourite snack: I’ve been snacking on dry cereal a lot lately lol my go to is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s so good I just can’t stop!

Favourite lipgloss: NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip. Simply amazing.

Favourite YouTuber: Hailey in Bookland is always a fav but I’ve been really loving her content lately.

Most used items: I have a couple of things I use constantly. My ice roller for my face. I really thought I wouldn’t use it as much during the cold months but gosh I love it. And also my garlic press. We started making homemade Tzatziki sauce and it’s been super helpful. 

What I read in February

Love at First Psych by Cara Bastone – I really love all the Audible Originals by Cara Bastone on Audible. This one was no exception! It was a really fun story about two project partners in College who both got more than they asked for while doing an assignment on love!

Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas – The 3rd book in the Throne of Glass series. I found this one a bit slower and not as exciting but it had some good world-building and introduction to new characters. I loved the character development of Caelena. Could have done less with the witches but also now that I’m further along in the series I see why it was like that!

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas – Easily my favourite of the series. The 4th book in the Throne of Glass series. Finally, we are getting somewhere!! I’m obsessed with Caelena and her angsty attitude and now with Rowan in the picture, it’s just so fun. I’m loving how things are starting to get connected and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. 

Murder and Mamon by Mia P Manansala – This is the 4th book in the cozy kitchen mystery series! Always a fun read. Really loved this one though – I think it’s my favourite so far. 

Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas – I feel like it’s hard to give updates at this point without giving spoilers haha but this is the 5th book in the Throne of Glass series and just know, shit happens in this one! It’s really long and there were definitely slow, plot building parts but overall very good.

Life By Deanna highlights

I’m obviously super excited about the Patreon membership. The book club especially!! That is the biggest update and news here on Life By Deanna. I obviously can’t tell the future and won’t know its success until it’s officially launched BUT there has been some decent interest and I can’t wait. 

More to come but just know the book club will be focused on COZY reads and I plan to make it fun and interactive (my Threads friends really loved the chocolate idea haha so maybe we will do a monthly book and monthly chocolate). 

I also had a wonderful guest post this past month. Always looking for other bloggers to collab with so send me an email if you’re interested in guest posting 🙂

Top posts from February:

The plan for March

I need to get back into a routine again. As mentioned, February kind of kicked me in the ass lol I fell off my routines and was so drained. I want to regain my focus and energy. 

Easier said than done right?! Well, here’s my plan:

  • I am going to do shorter and less intensive workouts more often 
  • Theming my days again to stay on track with the blog 
  • Focusing on content!!!
  • Limiting screen time (need to be more strict with myself about this)
  • Continuing to eat healthy meals
  • Make daily to-do lists
  • Keep sharing my progress and struggles with you guys to be accountable!

March is also going to be a fun month because I am going on vacation (my honeymoon to be exact). We got married back in October but because of work and life, we haven’t had the time to get away. So, the trip is booked and I can’t wait to fly away on an airplane. 

Focus on fun friends 

If you have been feeling off your game lately it’s clear you aren’t alone! We are both on the same struggle bus. 

Something I’ve been thinking about though is that society doesn’t really focus on fun. There is a lot of pressure to always be productive, create things, grow, and be better. I love those things – don’t get me wrong. BUT I also like to relax and have fun.

During February, I wasn’t keeping up with routines and felt bad about it. I also wasn’t letting myself have much fun because I wasn’t being productive. So instead of actually enjoying my life outside of work and blogging I was just feeling so blah. 

We need to prioritize having fun too. It’s okay to have a good time while not being on your A game. 

You don’t need to EARN your downtime. 

So, I am taking those vibes into the rest of the year and reminding myself that we don’t live to work. We deserve to have fun. Whether that is outings with friends, reading a book, playing a game, or doing something creative… it doesn’t matter. 

Have fun out there friends. You deserve it ♥️

February 2024 recap
February 2024 wrap up

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