The Best Products I’ve Used This Summer

If you saw my credit card bill for the last couple of months you would probably be shocked. Our wedding is coming up and it seems like all the payments and last-minute things are too! Plus, summer is a higher spending time for me in general because there are so many fun things happening (which is okay and I love it).

But all this spending and looking through the things I’ve purchased has made me want to put together a fun little blog post for you to share all the goodies (just in case you feel like shopping haha).

So, if you need a little shopping therapy or are just interested in what I’ve been using lately, keep reading! Here are some of the BEST products I’ve used this summer! 

Disclaimer: Links included in this post might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my blog!

The summer necessities

I’m using the word “necessities” loosely here because none of these things are ACTUALLY necessities but they are fun and I like them. 

I feel like summer is a refresh for me. My mood gets a bit happier and I’m all of a sudden interested in changing things in my life (like my skincare routine, decluttering, changing my style, etc). 

That usually means I give into those ads you see on Instagram or finally purchase what an influencer was talking about. 

Some people wouldn’t agree with this type of shopping (or impulse buying) but hey, it really only happens like this during the summer for me so I’m making it work.

We went to Kelowna last month for a short vacation and I decided I obviously needed to buy a pair of Lululemon align biker shorts for the car ride to be comfy. And I’ll have you know that I now consider those shorts MUST HAVES and I’m trying so hard to get a pair in black but they are ALWAYS sold out in my size lol. 

Did I need them? No. Did they change my life? Yes. 

Hoping that some of these products I’m about to share will change your life in some way because to me, they are all necessities and I love them! 

Let’s get into it 🙂 

Best products of the summer 

Let me dazzle you with some of my favorite things and why I love them! 

Lululemon Align Biker Shorts 

Like I just said – these shorts are the best thing ever. I want them in every color and I want to wear them all day, every day! 

Why? There are just so comfortable (just like the align pants) and the first biker shorts that don’t move around on me.

When you have bigger thighs, most shorts either roll up or ride up. Not these! 

Ice Face Roller 

The best thing I’ve added to my morning routine in a long time! 

This ice roller feels amazing on my face. Every morning I sit on the couch with my ice roller while watching a YouTube video. I roll for like 5(ish) minutes or until I feel alive. 

Waking up early is hard enough but now that the mornings are getting dark again this ice roller is going to help me wake up quick! 

Ultra Soft Toothbrushes 

The last time I went to the dentist I was told I brush too hard… sooooo she told me to buy these super duper soft toothbrushes.

They are literally so soft and I never feel like I’m pushing too hard or brushing too aggressively.

Even my fiance switched over to them and loves them! 

I also have a dental implant and they have smaller brushes made specifically for implants so I need to grab one of those! 

Ingrown Hair Treatment 

Maybe TMI but summertime can be a bit of a nightmare when you get ingrown hairs!!! 

Finally decided to try one of those products that claim to help ingrown hairs and bumps… and wouldn’t you know, it helps! 

I’m really impressed by this one specifically. It’s great as a preventive but also can help after the fact. 

IT CC Cream 

This isn’t actually a new product for me this summer but it was one of my favorites last summer!

The IT Cosmetics CC cream is perfect for summer because it’s tinted and goes on so smoothly. You do not need to wear makeup when you are wearing this cream.

Neutrogena Sunscreen 

My mom actually got me this sunscreen because she’s a big Neutrogena fan.

It’s my absolute favorite sunscreen. I usually like rub in lotions but this sunscreen is not oily at all. 

Typically I burn like a lobster and all summer I’ve had very minimal sunburns wearing this. It gets my approval for sure! 

Debloating Pills 

I’m not usually one for random supplements but these piqued my interest (and were awesome). 

I don’t take these daily – it’s more of an “as needed” kind of thing. 

You can take one before or after eating and it really does help with bloating. I don’t feel nearly as gross after a large dinner when I have these pills. 

I also like the Well Told Health ones!

White Shawl 

If you’ve seen me in person this summer you know that I’ve worn this white shawl on the daily lol. 

I honestly think it’s meant to be a bathing suit cover up but I just wear it.

I love how flowy and cute it is. Since it’s white it goes with everything. It’s been perfect for work because it’s lightweight but still covers my shoulders since tank tops aren’t “work-appropriate.” 

CBD Face Serum 

Resolve is my go to CBD brand! I’ve tried basically all their products because I’m a CBD girly.

The face serum was something totally different from what I’d seen before. 

I was so pleasantly surprised by it! Not only is just a nice Vitamin C serum bit with the CBD in there it also helped with some inflammation from pimples and other skin issues. 

I have a code if you’re ever interested in trying. Save 10% with RSLVDEANNA 🎉

Sports Greens 

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to focus more and more on my overall health and wellness.

One of the things I added to my lifestyle was greens. 

I do try to have them every day but I’ll be honest, I slip up! 

However, these are my favorite greens! They actually taste good and not like grass so that’s a win from me. 

Summer is a time of eating out more and drinking more than usual so getting my greens in has been important to me.

Saje Room Spray 

Who doesn’t like Saje products?! They make some of the best-smelling things I’ve ever smelled.

If you ever want your bedroom or bathroom or any room to smell like how sunshine feels, grab this one!

** linking another popular one below that you can get on Amazon! 

The Perfect Sundress 

I’m a short gal (5 foot 1) so a lot of cute sundresses I see online never fit me right. They should be above the knee but they never are!

I ordered this one on a whim thinking it’ll be just like the rest but nope! 

This fits like a dream and is so cute and flattering. Highly recommend. It’s been my go-to dress all summer. 

Paint By Sticker Book 

Part of getting older is trying to find myself again. What do I like doing? Do I have any hobbies?

I decided to try these paint by sticker books which have been so much fun. It’s just like the paint by number books but instead of painting, you use stickers.

It’s super relaxing and it’s a new weekend activity when I’m listening to an audiobook or podcast! 

Cold Eye Mask 

Similarly to the ice roller, this is another great product to relax your face. 

Whether you have a headache or just want to lay down with something cold on your eyes, this is perfect!

Travel Silicone Bottles 

My friend actually introduced me to these! She brought them on her bachelorette trip and I thought they looked so dang cute. 

Super convenient and easy to get all the product out since the bottles are so flexible.

Most of the travel packs come with a little bag to put them in too so it’s pretty organized as well. 

Travel Steamer 

It’s wedding season which means it’s time to steam all your fancy clothes! 

This little steamer has come in handy and it’s easy to pack up with you if you’re traveling. 

I’ve never actually owned a steamer before so I’m still pretty amazed by how well they work. We have used it a lot this wedding season!! 

Jergens Self-tanner 

Hello, fellow pale girls!! This is the perfect self-tanner for someone who is new to self-tanning or just wants a little bit of color! 

It goes on like a regular lotion and smells like Hawaiian tropic lotion (aka, delicious). 

I’m not really into self-tanners so this was great for me. It helped me get a bit of color before going to Kelowna so I wasn’t a pale ghost the whole time. 

Blackout Curtains 

Again, this is actually a last summer purchase but deserves a spot on this list.

I never knew I needed blackout curtains until the first night we used them. They really do keep all the light out (duh lol).

I saw so many expensive options and I was NOT going to spend hundreds of dollars on some curtains.

Found these white ones at Home Depot for like 50 or 60 dollars. Honestly, it was a steal, even the employee who helped us was shocked! 

Method Body Wash 

The best-smelling body wash I’ve had in a long time. I also love Method as a brand so was excited to try it.

We are all sweating more during the summer and it’s hard to always smell good – especially during those hot summer day workouts. 

Method body wash will have you smelling good all day. So impressed by it! 

Anti-chaff Stick 

Okay, ladies with bigger thighs that like to touch… I know you know how it feels to chaff. 

It’s horrible, it hurts, it’s simply no fun. 

I saw some really good reviews for Chub Rub (hilarious name btw) so I took a chance and it works! 

It kind of feels like deodorant – if you have thick thighs I know you’ve used deodorant on them lol – but it’s more moist… not totally sure how to describe it.

I’m so sorry for using the word moist lol.

It lasts for a long time and I’ve had success with it this summer! 

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Final thoughts

These products have been life savers this summer but honestly, I will use them year-round!

Find me cozy on the couch with the fireplace on while I’m ice rolling my face in the winter lol. So, if you found any of these products interesting but are worried about only using them in the summer just know these are great all the time!

Do you use any products that you would consider must haves? Anything I should add to my summer list? Let me know in the comments!

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